More Evangelicals Turn Against Trump

It’s great news isn’t it? I for one am smiling big with some chuckles. During times like this—and they have been many!—I often say to myself as if I was a Conservative or Evangelical (but I’m not!), with a shocked expression, “Oh SH*T! I didn’t see that coming or happening.” HAH! And surprise surprise, we have yet another one America!


Rev. Rob Schenck

I typically wouldn’t published a post predominately about and by a religious evangelical activist, let alone one by Reverend Rob Schenck. But this one time I am making an exception because this interview on PBS’ Amanpour & Company with Michel Martin this past Tuesday, June 16th is a remarkably insightful look at the current state of American Evangelicalism in the volatile, turbulent Trump Era. The interview with Schenck is particularly revealing given that it was America’s Evangelical communities and organizations that helped Trump get elected in 2016. Now those same Evangelicals are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the unstable, impulsively unpredictable President. They are once again justified.

If you are unfamiliar with the Rev. Rob Schenck, he burst onto the scene of public awareness first in 1988 with his “Faithwalk” from Canada, through the U.S., and into Mexico City, then again in 1992 in Buffalo, NY, at an abortion clinic where he affectionately cradled a preserved fetus named “Tia,” grabbing national and global attention for his Pro-life beliefs. Rev. Schenck later became a key role and player in Washington D.C. for The National Memorial for the Preborn, later named the National Pro-Life Religious Council, an annual pro-life event inside the U.S. Capitol complex. Schenck has organized many Conservative-Religious events, movements, and meetings across the U.S. with government officials and has been heavily involved with pro-life projects. His most infamous involvement was with his one or more national organizations paying Anti-abortion poster-girl Norma McCorvey over $450,000 to publicly campaign against and denounce Roe v. Wade and abortions. Schenck now regrets that highly unethical exploitation of McCorvey and has since reversed his position, publicly supporting Roe v. Wade.

With his very controversial background it made Rev. Schenck’s comments in this 17-minute interview that more startling, more eye-opening about Trump’s crumbling support of Evangelicals for his reelection hopes. I urge all of you to watch. If you would rather read the transcript of the segment, click here then scroll down and click “Read Transcript.”

Using the Bible as a prop. Rev. Schenck goes on to say it was a political stunt meant to reinforce the devotion of certain voters. And furthermore, many television viewers do not know what Trump’s staff did to control that predetermined area and church property that he seized control of a church, by using military-grade force, even against the clergy that were present there, evicting essentially an entire sector of the city… Many well-known Evangelicals and Conservatives are rightly doubting and criticizing their elected Administration that as Rev. Schenck regrettably puts it was a Faustian deal made with Donald Trump where he…

promised, I will give you everything you have ever wanted on your laundry list of political deliverables, if you give me what I want and demand, and that is religious cover. I need you to say that I’m blessed of God and that everything I have done is good.

America, all registered voters for this upcoming election, if that isn’t a dystopian political police-state eerily similar to the one portrayed in the 2005 film V for Vendetta, then I don’t know what is. But what I find no sympathy for is with Rev. Schenck and his supporters/followers, Pat Robertson, and all American Evangelicals or Christians who voted for this immoral, incompetent whacko they helped put into the White House. Intelligent Americans for decades knew this about Donny T. and everything about his character, family, personal life, and sketchy, abusive real estate failings and mediocre business practices since his celebratizing in 1982! Trump is very well-known to admire and support powerful, wealthy, corrupt Mafia-style men as well as men known to have abusive, illegally exploitative histories against women and/or girls. Therefore, does Rev. Schenck and America’s Evangelicals and Conservatives really deserve our sympathy now?

Is it worth saying to them in a calm yet firm tone I told you so”?


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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32 thoughts on “More Evangelicals Turn Against Trump

  1. I suspect that the evangelicals disillusionment with Trump has more to do with what he hasn’t done than what he has done. They don’t object to his dictatorial manner, his outrageous statements, his publicity stunts, the legal, moral and ethical crimes he’s committed. They’ve gleefully overlooked everything, including credible accusations of sexual assault and outright rape, including the alleged rape of a fourteen year old girl. What they are upset about is that he hasn’t delivered the things he was supposed to.

    He was supposed to criminalize abortion. He hasn’t. He was supposed to criminalize homosexuality. He hasn’t. He was supposed to overturn the Affordable Care Act. He hasn’t. He was supposed to make the US a “Christian” country, probably by criminalizing other religions. He hasn’t. He was supposed to keep “those people” in their places. He hasn’t. He was supposed to shut down immigration. He hasn’t. He was supposed to make the US into a super power that the rest of the world was terrified of. He hasn’t. He hasn’t managed to deliver *anything* they wanted. And now his pet judge on the Supreme Court voted to grant basic human rights to LGBTQ people? Well that’s the final straw for some of these people.

    I’d like to think that maybe, just maybe, they’ve become fed up with the immorality and criminal behavior, the almost open bribery, the racism and everything else. But they haven’t. The ones who are turning away from him are doing so only because he hasn’t managed to deliver one single thing that they believed he would.

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    • 😉 And I do Tildeb, every chance I get.

      On a slightly different note, just last night I had to stop by a nearby 7-Eleven convenient store. I put on my COVID-19 mask—now required by county judge order—and my rubber gloves because our infections and hospitalizations are spiking back up… AGAIN! Duh, told you so before Memorial Day weekend!!! 🤬 I was one of about 17 customers inside waiting in line to ring out, TRYING to keep 6-feet away from people. Not one single other person in there had a mask on, much less gloves, and one little man stepped right in front of me (less than 3-4 feet away) to look at lanyards on a display. I moved away from him. Nobody in there gave an EFFIN HELL about the renewed order or the fact that COVID-19 will never go away as long as we have irresponsible, utterly moronic people like I witnessed in that 7-Eleven store! I can’t tell you Tildeb how upset I was. 😠

      When I finished getting rung-up by the cashier behind the glass, I said very loudly “Has no one ever heard of Coronoavirus!? Geezzz!” and walked on out the door. I was pissed off!

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      • Complacency is very dangerous and all one can do is try to protect one’s self as best one can. Small social circle, physical distancing, good fitting and proper masks, washing hands after any contact, leaving packages and mail and groceries alone for at least 48 hours… you’ll be far safer than almost everyone. The mask is really for when physical distancing – like shopping – is hard to maintain. You will be as safe as you can be.

        The Canadian numbers are interesting: higher mortality for people older and with compromised problems (not just immunological) and who receive great big doses of the virus at one time. But this does not mean younger and healthier is immune or should be complacent. In fact, well over half of all new cases here in Canada are from those under the age of 30 and who have not done the above listed actions. Granted, the mortality is much lower but there seems to be a much higher risk of long term lung and cardiac problems for those post puberty and higher incidence of neurological problems for those prepubescent. We’ll know so much more… in about 5 years!

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  2. I agree with all that you said, PT, plus several of the comments. HOWEVER, no matter how disillusioned the Crispies are with Herr Trump, they will again vote for him. Why? Because they know the Democrats won’t cater to them and their ridiculous wants, desires, and policies.

    Thus, unless these folk are soooo disillusioned that they decide to not vote at all … the church folk will be at the polls giving Trump his sought-after support. Hide and watch.

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    • Ugh. 😬😒 I know you are right Nan, and I loathe to admit it. Not because it’s you saying it, of course, BUT because I do understand the mentality of Evangelicals—I’ve been around them too long and formerly married and divorced to one and her family—and certainly understand the sheer ridiculousness of being a hardliner, straight Party-ticket voter no matter what their candidate’s character or corrupt background might be. 😠

      It’s near impossible for me to fathom, the lack of free-thought and independence from ideologies and wholesale consumption of propaganda, the social-media type especially. 😲🤯

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  3. Hmm .. I am not so sure that Trump will suffer the resounding defeat so many expect. US politics never seems to be such a cut and dried affair.

    But you’ll be pleased to note that I most certainly won’t vote for him!

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    • 😄 Hah! I am SO GLAD you are not voting Ark. Yes, I am saddened to inform you that the majority of Americans—yes, many are immigrants and 1st – 2nd generation citizens now—are NOT well-educated or informed of our Constitutional democracy, our 3-Branched government and how/why it is supposed to function, let alone the nuances behind elections and appointments. In fact, many Americans truly think/belief that our President (whoever is in the WH) has supreme authority to override/veto and command our military and police, in an almost authoritarian manner, with impunity. They have some reasons to believe this too—we have NEVER indicted, tried, sentenced, and imprisoned a President or Vice President! Several absolutely deserved to be put into court and tried, but sadly and embarrassingly public image and pride trump our Constitution and Laws of the Land. Many a white-man American is truly “above the law.” 😡

      Of course by the letter of our laws/Constitution this couldn’t be further from the truth. But talk to 1st – 2nd generation Americans and that is indeed their idea of the office and man! 😳 Yet, if you have generation of generation of ill-informed, ill-educated American citizens believing this horse-sh*t mumbo-jumbo, then subtly and covertly the white establishment seizes more and more control. This has been happening since the days of Old Guard McCarthians and J. Edgar Hoovers.

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    • Only a fool would think Donna Trump will suffer a huge loss. More than likely, she will win herself a second term. I live in a country of idiots. True, blithering, self-harming, idiots. This, combined with the electoral college, will IMO, put Princess Donna back in White House for 4 more years, at least 4 more. She may will get it changed so she can continue to run for Princess/President in 2024. But, look on the bright side. America finally has its first 6 year old, spoiled-rotten little girl with severe daddy issues as President. I’m SO proud of America!

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        • Here’s an image of the plane during the 22-players kneeling on one knee prior to kickoff. The banner behind it says “White Lives Matter – Burnley!

          Burnley F.C. immediately issued a statement about the event saying:

          Burnley Football Club strongly condemns the actions of those responsible for the aircraft and offensive banner that flew over The Etihad Stadium on Monday evening.

          We wish to make it clear that those responsible are not welcome at Turf Moor.

          This, in no way, represents what Burnley Football Club stands for and we will work fully with the authorities to identify those responsible and issue lifetime bans.

          The club has a proud record of working with all genders, religions and faiths through its award-winning Community scheme, and stands against racism of any kind.

          We are fully behind the Premier League’s Black Lives Matter initiative and, in line with all other Premier League games undertaken since Project Restart, our players and football staff willingly took the knee at kick-off at Manchester City.

          We apologise unreservedly to the Premier League, to Manchester City and to all those helping to promote Black Lives Matter.*

          * –


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