Ma_Non_Troppo_albumDance, girl
Here before me
Dance with passion,
My Salome
The ice gets cooler
As the heat increases
You’ll have to crawl
Before tasting her kisses

You’ve got it all
Don’t give it away
You’ve got it all
Niente rimarrà

Smooth movements
Caress the dancefloor
She’s a desert isle
Worth being ship-wrecked for
She’s welcome as a sin,
As sweet adrenalin
She’s the most exciting game
Even though you just cannot win

Watch her slide
Beyond shame
Beyond false morale
So shallow, so vain
Where there is smoke
There’s also fire
Wherever she is
There is desire

The stars – obstajajo samo še v glavi
The world – je okrogel, vendar z vogali
The blood – še ni voda, je pa na poti pravi
Welcome to your life – v vnaprej izgubljeni stavi


“La Troia” by Silence, my September 2020 song and artist.