UPDATE – May 2019:
To all of my friends here on the blog-o-sphere, I am thrilled to tell you you can now call me by my real name Dwain if you like. Or Professor Taboo, PT, or Prof., they all still work. Whatever pleases you. 🙂  For the very personal update intended for very close friends and close family who are interested, click here.

I am named after my mother’s all-time favorite twangy Rock-n-Roller guitar player, Duane Eddy, while she was up in New York City in the mid-1950’s flying as a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines. His most popular hit(?)… “Rebel Rouser.” I suppose it fits. I am indeed unconventional and march to my own swing beat.

∼ ∼ ∼ § ∼ ∼ ∼

A son, father, former professional teacher (Special Ed), Psych/A&D assessor and therapist, Bohemianfreethinking humanist, unconventional friend, former pro athlete, and fond of all things inspiring.  This web blog is a Heart-n-Mind café where friends and other like-minded or somewhat like-minded people visit, take part in discussions (or not) on topics typically avoided or oversimplified, or understated.

The prude is in fact the libertine,
without the courage to face their naked soul.A.S. Neill

I also have a side few recognize or know about: a darkside in a Dark Art. I do not push it in anyone’s face. I only share my Private blog and posts for those who are very curious, open-minded, of legal age, not easily offended, and who request access to it. I would also show the same discretion in a person regarding this private adult side.

Me Close Up_2With a background in Psych/A&D rehab and treatment some of what is researched, discussed, and written on my blog and comments will be used for my thesis and Master’s Degree.

FAIR WARNING:  You are not going to be able to breeze through my blog and magically or psychically absorb everything; I do not or cannot write or blog in such a fleeting way. If you have only 1-2 minutes to browse, then it would behoove you to move on.  Not seeking to make this web blog a marketing cash-cow, win an award for the most visitors, or make anyone smarter and wiser…well, maybe a little the last one…at least for myself *wink & grin*. Hoping hearts, minds, and souls are pleasantly engaged and always expanding while here.


A fastidious person in the throes of conformity is a rich source of suspense. With each throw of the dice or raising of the veil, their beauty I find, arises ironically with our colorful decadence.

— From the Professor’s Theater of Life

Pan April 2010Share your thoughts and comments.  My hope is to find our dialogue challenging and enjoyable for each of us and who knows…maybe we’ll learn something new.

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Footnote — for those investigative viewers, specifically “faith-followers,” below are my seven combined years of degreed educational institutions, past under-grad and graduate studies, respectively. Yes, as unconventional as it may seem  😛 :


Master’s in progress – Website

Master’s Certificate of Jewish Antiquity & Second Temple Period in progress

For my current Curriculum Vitae click here. (currently under construction)


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

37 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you kindly Neur(something)N(something)umbrella-“es”(something else?)! Wow. 😉

      As you might have surmised, my blog and content are a little different and not as literate(?) and eloquent as The Magnificent Le Clown and his contributors. But I humbly thank you nonetheless. I hope you enjoy my little Bohemian corner.


      • LMAO – You can call me Victoria. There’s a story behind that name but I’ll spare you. 😀

        I am about halfway through (major multitasking) your post regarding the river in India. A fantastic metaphor. While I find “The Magnificent Le Clown” one of my favorite blogs on WP, your blog speaks my language, I sense it will become one of my favs as well..

        Yes, I think I will enjoy your little Bohemian corner.


  1. Pleased to meet you. :). My name is Lindsey. I have more than two minutes to spare…so….. I will peruse around your blog. I like your about section: short, sweet, to the point. What are you getting your Masters in? What do you teach?

    Have a great day!

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    • Hello Lindsey! Thank you so much for stopping by with more than two minutes! 😉

      Will receive my master’s in Liberal Studies from SMU with the hope of eventually teaching young American minds (high school, collegiate, graduates) around the world the humanities and cultures (e.g. socio-political aspects too) of a “shrinking” less ‘bordered’ world. That’s all. 😉

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    • G’day thatssojacob, many thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll visit more, perhaps stay(?) and join in the dialogues, etc. What a great way to jump-in the blogosphere! #3 huh? So happy to be in the 15 really! 😉

      On my way over to your site now. Thanks again for the visit and comment Sir!


    • So nice of you to drop by PorterGirl. I am delighted and hope your visit is stimulating and pleasant.

      I was just about to start perusing your blog. Looking forward to your splendid treasures in your corner of this vast blogosphere. If we both enjoy Esme’s little shop of literary and Steampunk performances, I’m sure we will both be chatting again in the future! (gives a nod, smile & tip of hat)

      Please visit anytime you like and share your thoughts.


  2. Hello Professor. Here I be. Right. Though my use of Koran quotes is deliberately mimicking the Christians who toss quotes at me, NONE of them have ever gotten that point, or the irony of it. Leroy told me once that my Muslim faith, and the Koran, were false because the Koran was written after the Bible, but he still completely missed the point in what I was doing, and, I’m NOT Muslim. I love Poe’s Law, like John Zande does, and use it all the time. Yes, I’m petty, but I likes buggin’ fundies who try to bug me. $Amen$

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    • The Bible quote you cited: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” I find this a beautiful quote because it produces a beautiful scenario for me: Jesus is God, and God is Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Thus, God, as the Holy Spirit, impregnated a 12 year old virgin Jewish gal with himself as his own son. Then, God, was born as his own son, and sacrificed himself to forgive us from the anger he himself had for us. He coulda just said, “Oh, screw it people! I friggin’ forgive ya’.” But no, he had to go through all these contortions instead. AND, it REALLY wasn’t a sacrifice when God committed suicide via crucifixion by Roman soldiers because…well…because he’s God and knew he can’t REALLY die. Thus, he knew damn well he wasn’t gonna stay dead long. No fun there. And, while we’re at it, why not stay dead for 3 months instead of three days? Wouldn’t the return entrance be even grander then? Guess folks had short attention spans back in the day and woulda moved on to some other whacked out guru for advice instead of waitin’ around. 3 months is kind of a long time, ya’ know. Any way, the Bible verse quoted SHOULD read, if one believes God is 3 dudes in one, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to me except through me.” Far more accurate, from a Christian view of reality, I think. $Amen$

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      • You’ve made some excellent points about the nature of the Trinity… at least the reasons why 4th and 5th century CE Roman theologians HAD to distinguish themselves from traditional Jewish Messiahship; i.e. a Divine omnipotent, omniscent spiritual Messiah versus a simple Earthly King. Plain and simple, Emperor Constantine’s bishops and all church leaders (Popes included) thereafter had to one-up Judaism, BUT still keep it accessible to all Gentiles.

        Your final rephrasing is excellent! (chuckling)

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    • Greetings Jeff and thanks for the Follow!

      Yes, I knew you weren’t Muslim either; I’ve read enough of your comments on various blogs and blog-posts to deduce you were none of the Abrahamic followers. It really is incumbent for one to ‘know’ who they’re engaging or contesting. Many great generals & leaders of history, whether in defeat and certainly in victory, first did their homework on their advesary; a common pre-battle tactic. Nevertheless, if one doesn’t see the good in “homework” then impeccable politeness and humility would be in order for any hope of swaying or influence, yes? 😉

      Yes, I’m petty, but I likes buggin’ fundies who try to bug me. $Amen$

      A man after my own heart. A good sense of humor should ALWAYS be maintained in this Asylum of Insanity we call human life! I love and embrace any amount of diversity on this planet! The more the better!

      Did you want to carry on our discussion/remarks about Xian Fundamentalism? If so, then it might be more visible/appropriate on one of my counter-Xian posts. Your thoughts?

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  3. In your blog, “Correcting the Gospels….,” you make a list early on of five points but before the list you use the word, “preclude.” I think you mean to use a different word that proves your points. Other than that from what I read your analysis is excellent.

    The point of reforming Judaism (whatever that means today) is also not lost. However if these bones of this man Y’shua existed and it’s been cleared up partially, what was he saying and what were they hiding?

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    • Hello אליהו קאן and thank you for pointing out my error! You are correct, I did mean to use a different word that meant an “early-conclusion”. Hah! 🙂

      I thank you also for your kind feedback Sir! I did put a lot of study and work into that blog-post. “Reforming Judaism“, and I personally hope all three Abrahamic religions can be reformed, historically corrected as best as possible, and kept in proper perspective as historical myths and legends… and NOT monistic truths and laws. Yet, the human brain is an organ remarkably capable of a very creative and WILD imagination, as well as wanting to be accepted/included by a group and a “cause”… even if that cause is fallacious. :/

      I will eventually move this/your comment over to that specific blog-post: http://wp.me/p1uLmp-Uh

      Thank you again for your feedback and please stop by again and as often as you like Sir! ❤

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