History vs Christology: Dr. Ehrman

In an excellent video-podcast with Jeremy Beahan and Justin Schieber, Dr. Bart D. Ehrman goes into compelling detail about how 3rd and 4th century CE Christians and their ecclesiastical authorities came to regard Jesus as God, member #2 in the Godhead.

In this second video Dr. Shermer converses with the great bible scholar and historian Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, the Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, about the modern atheism movement, how Jesus became a Republican in the second half of the 20th century, the intractable (for Christians) problem of evil, the problem of identity for Jesus (how could he be both man and God?), what pre-Christian pagans believed about the gods, what early Christians had to offer pagans that other religions didn’t, how religions invented the afterlife and what people believed before the rise of Christianity about what happens after you die, and other fascinating topics.

To paraphrase Dr. Ehrman with my slant, ‘I’m not trying to dismantle/destroy Christianity as a “faith.” I’m urging its believers to be much more informed faith-believers of their seedling, soil, roots and earliest origins and its adolescent development to its eventual triumph within Messianism and the Roman Empire.’

For the level-headed, reasonable, and open-minded these 1-hour videos are a must!

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