Living Steampunk

∼ ∼ ∼ Duplicated from my November 2012 post ∼ ∼ ∼

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If you have about $1.6 million lying around and a hankering for the classically quirky innovation of the Victorian era,  then this New York City apartment situated in Chelsea is your chrono-plasmatic cup of tea.  The flat is 1,800+ square feet of zany Steampunk delight.  The large kitchen rests under a LED glowing Zeppelin, a hidden bathroom behind cogs and pulleys, a bedroom underneath a silk greenhouse-frame, and a spacious 500 square foot terrace surrounded by green bamboo.  The front door is an oxidized submarine hatch with a locking porthole from the inside as if it came right off Captain Nemo’s Nautilus.  Feast your eyes on a literal living museum of a wondrous age gone by.

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