Every 405,000 Years

Geo-core samplesFor decades astronomers have theorized that like our Moon impacts our tides, over tens of thousands of years our closest and largest planets in our solar system (Venus and Jupiter) have influenced Earth’s climate. Since Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milanković hypothesized his Earth orbital-cycles of variations in the 1920’s affected Earth’s climates, there simply hasn’t been any sufficient physical proof for his cycles theory. Until last month.

With the further advanced technology and methodologies used on geological formations and strata (magnetostratigraphy) in correlation with the Newark–Hartford APTS (Astrochronostratigraphic Polarity Timescale) published May 7, 2018 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, now:

…provide[s] empirical confirmation that the unimodal 405-kiloyear orbital eccentricity cycle reliably paces Earth’s climate back to at least 215 million years ago, well back in the Late Triassic Period.

This conclusion was based on the geological research of three different cores:  two from two different sites of ancient lake beds in New Jersey and New York, and one rock core 1,500-feet long from the Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park.

The geologists noticed that lake sediment cores would disclose a consistent pattern of ancient lakes drying up then refilling over the course of hundreds of thousands of years forming different geological strata. This suggested cyclical changes in climate. The difficulty was that at the time they lacked the extensive methods to accurately date those climatic shifts. Fortunately, the Arizona Petrified Forest core, contained layers of ash from volcanic eruptions. These could definitely be dated because they contained radioisotopes.

Scientists compared and aligned the Arizona core dates to the NJ-NY ancient lake cores using bands found in all of the cores, indicating reversals in Earth’s magnetic fields. Yes, “reversals”! This allowed them to more precisely study the records. The analysis then demonstrated that the climate swings did indeed take place every 405,000 years for at least the last 215-million years, which is back through the Late Triassic Age when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

What does all this have to do exactly with Venus and Jupiter? Understanding gravitational forces by mass, Venus — the closest planet to us at 24-million miles — tugs us slightly closer to the Sun, and Jupiter — the largest planet in our solar system at 318-times more massive than Earth — tugs us slightly further from the Sun. At the peaks of those infrequent elliptical orbits, Earth has indeed historically experienced (the last 215-million years) hotter summers and colder winters with more extreme times of rain-flooding and dryer droughts

antarctic ice-strata

Antarctic ice strata also determines Earth’s climate millions of years in the past

Dr. Dennis Kent at Columbia and Rutgers Universities, specializing in paleomagnatism, states:

Scientists can now link changes in the climate, environment, dinosaurs, mammals and fossils around the world to this 405,000-year cycle in a very precise way. The climate cycles are directly related to how the Earth orbits the sun and slight variations in sunlight reaching Earth lead to climate and ecological changes.

Beyond Earth’s ancient past and astrophysics this study is a substantial breakthrough for the methods in which geologists are able to date cores and present a reliable more accurate timeline of Earth’s geologic past. It will also assist in many other scientific domains!

Paleontologist of the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Steve Brusatte:

[With the aid of APTS and newest magnetostratigraphy it] is a really important study for clarifying the Triassic timescale and untangling the sequence of events that occurred as Pangea began to split up and the dinosaurs originated and then diversified. It’s mostly a study of how to tell geological time rather than of how changes in climate relate to evolution.

Most people want to know the more immediate concern: Where are we currently in the Venus-Jupiter climate-cycle? And could Venus’ and Jupiter’s tug-cycles be responsible for our current climate-changes?

Bad news climate-change deniers. Astronomers and astrophysicists calculate that we are about in the middle of the 405k cycle. Earth’s orbit is very close to circular, not elliptical, and presently not near enough to cause disruptions in climate or global warming. The changes we have been experiencing come from some 238-years of outsized human output and input in the release of greenhouse gasses.


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A New Page

silver bulletsBecause it often seems a recurring topic of conversation both in person (in Texas) and on the internet-WordPress, I realized months ago I needed a sort of generic, exhaustive, refute to mainstream Christian (or religious) propaganda rampant and trifling across the internet/blogosphere with its often epic ignorance, so I would stop repeating myself. Primarily in historical arenas, but also logically, or cognitively, or philosophically, or theologically the general faulty or overly narrow-sighted history was often the same mistakes. I realized too that very brief 20-word or 50-word exchanges, or 10-15 minute exchanges with outspoken imposing Christians or religious zealots, had not been constructive or too positive. It was too frequent with the same historical content to new acquaintances and strangers, but also to some familiar names/faces weeks or months later. It became frustrating like a spinning broken record.

Therefore, similar to a silver-bullet or bullets, I have written this new page to be permanently on my Home page. A comprehensive, standing rebuttals, and an alternative verdicts page, helping re-educate or broaden(?), perhaps correct, the reasonable, moderate Conservatives of our Western Hemisphere, but particularly in the U.S. Maybe some radicals too could learn regarding what took place, or in some cases what most likely took place, in ancient Jerusalem, Judea, and the Levant and Fertile Crescent during those violent, critical first 4-5 centuries CE.

This is a colossal page because I wanted everything, all aspects of Christianity’s problems and failures to be hit in one fell swoop. But don’t freak out you busy, busy bees. For those of you who like smaller snack-size pieces due to strict time constraints, or interruptions, I’ll be posting this page in a series of multiple posts spread out over time so no brains overheat. 😉

balanced-scaleWhat was my motivation for such a massive project? At a bare minimum, I hope to encourage the excitable Christian to ask big questions, to ask lots of questions, and not just from one biased source or perspective, but all points of reference! I encourage them/you to do your own extensive legwork and homework. Then in 3-10 years genuinely re-examine your world-view. Make your own independent, highly informed choice. It took me more than 10-years to find all the most reliable unbiased sources to closely study. Why so long? You will uncover for yourself — if you honestly become a fair, progressing forensic investigator — that there is a never-ending amount of Christian-based and Seminary-sourced information available ad infinitum. In fact, it is so plentiful that accomplished and renown secular or non-Christian sources get utterly buried, suffocated, and almost silenced under the barrage. It’s uncanny really.

Nevertheless, most average Christians are unaware of these isolated, hard-to-find, Bible-challenging and refuting experts, science, and verified historical facts dismantling their religious faith-of-birth or adolescent choice for “Christ.” It is for these reasons, I have created my page Why Christianity Will Always Fail. It can be found on my Main Menu tab underneath My Library. Those valid truisms of the path of least resistence, or following the crowd should not be habitual. For anyone willing to be fair and objective regarding Christianity primarily, but Second Temple Judaism, theism and to a much lesser extent Islam, I hope this sizable wider-lens will provoke your own list of many questions to answer which for almost two millenia have not been asked and analyzed near enough in a variety of equitable ways.

Here’s to your free-thought and liberation.


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Phenomenological Primitive Cognition

I am taking a brief pause from my 4-5 week (so far) MASSIVE project (Page) I’m currently working on to share this wonderful blog-post from a blogger I follow. I think some of you would really enjoy it, as I did.


∼ ∼ ∼ § ∼ ∼ ∼

Crossing Cognitive Chasms with P-prims.” He begins…

Apparently, roughly 10% of humans still believe that the Earth is larger than the Sun. Do they believe this because they haven’t been properly educated? Possibly. Do they believe this because they’re stupid? Probably not.

In fact, the most likely explanation is that the individuals concerned just haven’t thought that much about it. The Earth looks big; the Sun looks like a small disc in the sky; ergo, the Sun is smaller than the Earth.

The individuals are relying on what Andrea diSessa (1988) would call a phenomenological primitive or p-prim: “These are simple abstractions from common experiences that are taken as relatively primitive in the sense that they generally need no explanation; they simply happen.”

What is a p-prim (phenomenological primitive)?


More from E=mc2andallthat

One of the concepts I took away from E=mc2’s excellent post was that so very much of our own perspective, our own measurements, are greatly influenced by our own TINY experiences and background compared to all other perspectives and measurements. Fascinatingly, E=mc2 used a science lab experience of heat radiation emitters and absorbers to support and explain various applications:

…a substance [or idea, or behavior] that is good at one thing can also be good at its opposite.

Be sure to click on his “Father Dougal” video-link! Hahaha!

Does it benefit someone and humanity when one person or a large group maintain a fairly stable cognition of opposites so that each can be understood more deeply and appreciated fairly? Personally, I am very, very fond of my habit of continually understanding and appreciating my good and my evil, as well as others who like crossing that chasm! 🤩 😈

What are your thoughts?


Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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