Birds of Paradise: The Dance of Amore

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One of my favorite examples of animals behaving like humans, or is it the other way around(?), are the Birds of Paradise.

Whether the alluring dance and verbage copies that of Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo in a night club, or is simply two flowing bodies in an exotic erotic salsa together, the intent or hope is the same: intimacy. Though this video is the male seeking a female, all humans seek it, want it, and sometimes will do the most extravagant “dance” to get it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Share what you find remarkably or comically similar between men and women, or same-sex partners of course, the Bird of Paradise, and their mating games. Please, don’t be shy!

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10 thoughts on “Birds of Paradise: The Dance of Amore

  1. Oh, I love this Attenborough video! When my husband and I watched the entire film, I remarked ‘the dance’ was similar to humans, but strange that the colors and actions mostly occur in the male of the species in the animal kingdom (as opposed to human beings). Then again – there are the sportscars, the trinkets, the ‘eye candy’ mates and such … so I suppose certain men do like to show off. Then and then again … there are countless cartoons of how men and women perceive themselves in the mirror, so perhaps what animals exhibit ‘outside,’ humans delude themselves with, ‘inside,’ for better or for worse. As for me, despite outer appearances, I can’t respect a man who can’t fix his damn toilet or trembles when I stitch up a wound. But there you have it. 😉

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    • Hmmm, the political answer would be “Yes, of course I would happily own a parrot that doesn’t keep ANY secrets, cuz I have no secrets or skeletons in my closets!” The truthful answer would be “No, I’m too smart to own a parrot that can’t keep any secrets!” 😈 😉

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