Steampunkers O.M. Grey & Prof Elemental

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Keeping my pledge to spread the wonderful world of Steampunk, I have stumbled upon the writer Olivia M. Grey and artist/entertainer Professor Elemental.  Olivia Grey is an accomplished author of dark paranormal romance with a Steampunk flair — a woman after my own twisted heart and mind!  If a Neo-Victorian sci-fi romance piques your dark side, then her blog and books are worth your time.  From her WordPress Bio:

“O. M. Grey dreams of the dark streets of London and the decadent deeds that occur after sunset. She dons a tight corset, a fluffy bustle, and a teeny-tiny top hat for fantasy conventions where she enjoys meeting fans and participating on panels. Olivia prefers to live in the cobwebbed corners of her dark mind writing paranormal romance with a Steampunk twist.”  And “…When she’s not writing, she’s reading, tending the garden, or drinking a hot cup of tea.”

Professor Elemental may not need much of an introduction to Steamers, but to the common mainstream out there, hold on to your knickers and spectacles you are about to be highly entertained!  Elemental is the type of chap that invokes the gag-reflex of “proper” British society — ahh, another Steamer after my heart!  To put it more succinctly and much more zany than I ever could, watch his delightful video below Cup of Brown Joy:

Please take a few moments to visit these wonderful talents of Steampunk.  I did and found myself having a much more epic day.  When you do, come back and tell me your thoughts; I may have another little adventure for you.  **winks and tips his top hat to you**

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