A Beetle’s Demise

While I was sitting down taking a break at work one day, I noticed this certain small type of beetle on the ground laying on its back trying desperately with all 6 or 8 of its legs (this picture was the closest representation I could find) to flip back over upright.  I watched it struggle for at least 10 minutes to no avail.  At the end of the day I went back to the spot, or I should say the dying minutes of this helpless beetle’s final resting place, laying lifeless there still on its back.  Witnessing this ordeal made me think to myself  “This is a profoundly deep debate for the Creationist and the Evolutionist and offers both a question or two.”

For the Creationist: God is all-knowing, God is all-powerful, according to the Judean-Christian Holy Scriptures.  The insects God has created or designed on this earth with purpose,  are all good and beautiful.  Yet what beautiful purpose was there in that beetle accidentally falling over onto its back (like a turtle) only to die in 5-7 hours?  Why did the “designer” of that beetle make it’s legs incapable of pushing itself BACK over upright to live out a FULLER lifespan?

For the Evolutionist: How is this beetle’s death going to eventually “change” this obvious biological anatomical flaw in its descendents if it dies today like this?  How will that DNA in the following beetles be slightly reprogrammed for the next generation?


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