Can America Now Be Truly Brave?

LGBT supporters in France

In an unprecedented show of great unity today, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council voted 23 in favor, 19 opposed, and three abstentions passing a resolution ending all violence in the world based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  This resolution is a HUGE step toward a planet with more patience, tolerance, love, and simple human integrity — something that patriarchal Middle Eastern countries and obviously those with much more violent intolerant religious Islāmic zealots — must take heed at the risk of increased isolation from the rest of the world’s nations.  And the United States cannot by any means pretend hypocritically that they are fully onboard with the rest of the world.  America too could just as easily risk the same isolation from truly freer nations that certain Middle Eastern countries could face or have faced.  With much gratitude and excitement, here is the CNN news article…

U.N. Council Passes Gay Rights ResolutionJill Dougherty CNN Foreign Affairs

I am very curious to know what the U.S. vote was in light of the fact that here, America as a whole does not offer the pursuit of happiness to all or protect fully its own LGBT population.  Can America now be truly more brave and join the rest of the nations being highly courageous in the fight for simple human rights?  This American believes wholeheartedly it can.

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