The Illusion Game

chris-nicholls-0161In a university laboratory a scientist is collecting data and reactions of a student wearing high-tech goggles showing him what seems to be his own blue-jeans from the waist to his white-socked feet.  Right next to the student is a manikin with the same jeans and socks wired with a real-time video feed into his goggles.  As the scientist uses a soft brush to rub the manikin’s left-leg the student’s left-leg is also physically rubbed with an exact same brush, the student sees through his goggles and so feels the sensation on his left-leg.  All neurological connections for the test student are accurate.

The scientist then puts a large kitchen knife in front of the manikin’s camera near the manikin’s zipper.  Seeing this real-time knife in his goggles, the test student’s pulse heightens and begins to race.  The scientist turns the knife downward, raises it, and suddenly stabs the test student in the crotch.  The test student jumps, in fact, jumps violently.  What has just happened?

The power of optical illusion is far more reaching and subtle than we sometimes know; so much so that the illusions can make us react in completely unverified ways.

lampBars and clubs — there are likely no better examples of optical illusions than in places that welcome or promote “attraction” between the sexes or same-sexes; gender identity or orientation is irrelevant when it comes to The Game and profits.  And the online dating websites are no exception either.  Does this mean “avoid at all costs?”  Certainly not!  What it does mean is go in with active brain-cells and no illusions.  The adage “You get what you put in” is the bottom-line and that adage is so damn true in almost ANY place and circumstance, not just the bars, clubs, and dating websites.

I have come up with one of my best approach-lines ever in my 30+ years of ‘exploration’ and fun:  “Do you believe in the power of optical illusions?”  Nine times out of ten the answer gives me the desired result.  Sometimes I’d get the answer “What, objects in your mirror appear larger than they are?”  But even better, the benefit is ultimately two-way:  is my first-impression a high ROI (Return on Investment), or a flop?  And based on that answer the same question is extracted from the recipient:  what are they there for?  What kind of ROI are they seeking?  Next step.  The same process works just as well online too.

Do you believe in the power of illusion?

The next step after the approach-question is just as revealing:  “Do you believe in the power of verbal illusions?”  Same concept, varied results.  And with those varied results comes a clearer picture of the subject – which in all honesty reflects you as well.  Your inquiries reflect what you are after.  And none of it is inherently wrong or bad as long as the two (or group) understand what is being expressed.  How often do you think that happens?

Sexy-Fruit-Optical-IllusionIn the end I think it all comes down to this:  Say what you mean and do what you say.  If either of these are out of sync, then you have only yourself to turn to and re-examine.

Garbage in…garbage out. Garbage outward…garbage inward. Exquisite out…exquisite in. Beauty outward… beauty inward. Get the picture? Don’t be fooled by all the optical and verbal illusions. Question everything! More precisely, question everything you put outward and you’ll understand what you are attracting. I believe they call that The Laws of Attraction?

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