There is perhaps no other auditory rhythm or pulse that reaches me as deep as music and its beat.  The connection I feel, the alluring sound just captivates my senses like a euphoric drug!  It is and has been my drug-of-choice for some thirty-five plus years.  And then descending from a long line of family who religiously dance… it is no wonder why I spend hours upon hours on the dance floor.  As I write this post I am listening to one of my favorite DJ’s in Dallas:  Per, who is a regular at The Church.  Like Per, I too am moved by Synth-Pop or Future-Pop, a European industrial-electronic-trance genre.  Here is one of his sets he played at The Church:

I’ve had technical issues with the SoundCloud player so if it isn’t loading up, click here to go to Per’s set.

The ChurchHave you ever danced so much and for so long that by 4 or 5 a.m. you are so exhausted that seconds after you sit or lay down you just slip into a deep slumber?  If not, then I highly recommend you do it.  It is like the deepest restful sleep you’ve possibly ever had.  You lay there knowing you have been rebalanced, reconnected with Earth and the Multiverse.  Not only do you “return home” but, it is a fantastic cardio workout!  Something I’ve quoted before deserves repeating:

Here is the mystery: If the rhythm is right, if the translation between inner mood and the drum membrane are perfect, then you know it instantly. “Ah, this goes with my body tempo, this connects how I feel today, how fast my heart is beating, what my thoughts are, what my hands feel like.”

When the rhythm is right you feel it with all your senses, every corner of your soul and being. You don’t fight it, but instead allow yourself to be propelled and consumed by its insistent yet familiar feeling.  All sense of the present moment disappears, the normal categories of time become meaningless.

We live on a planet of rhythm and time.  A planet that completes its cycle around the sun every 365 days, with a moon that cycles around us every 28 days, and we rotate around our own axis every 24 hours.  These cosmic cycles and our bodily ones, all connected to the circadian dance of day and night.  The mystery of rhythm and time found for a moment in the soul’s drum.  When it is right, you feel it with all your senses, every thread of your being.  It is the ‘sweet spot’ of connection.

Let your soul and body be carried away with the rhythm; feel it…drift, move.  You will not regret it.  No matter what anyone thinks, it is natural, it is genetic.  Dance together as partners or dance solo.  It makes no difference.  Just connect.  Let the rhythm take over, close your eyes, and move, dance like no one is watching.

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Live Laugh Love

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