Whether you are flexible or not, or accessible or not, the world moves in or moves out…but it always moves on.

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7 thoughts on “Impermanence

  1. I totally get that whether we’re ready or not, life (aka time) keeps marching on. Things change. The video, however, was a bit disconcerting and busy to me. I thought your sentence in the end was definitely much more clear. It wasn’t until I read what you wrote that I understood the point you were trying to make.


    • Kitt, when I first watched the video (because I love Wolfsheim) I too felt sad for the male character in as far as interpersonal relationships and communication; that was the first thing I thought of reading her lips. This likely happens to many people, perhaps men even more. Then I began thinking beyond interpersonal relationships and realized it is just as applicable to life. Even if we choose to live a “solitary” lifestyle, if you are closed off to nature/the world, it too will ‘move out’ and move on making life less significant. Disconcerting, huh?

      How do you reduce the chances of that consequence?

      Personally, I would say “get in the game!” Figure out how to live and communicate superbly with people, intimately AND publicly! A plethora of other gifts and skills will follow, right?

      Embrace impermanence because it keeps us ‘sharp’…on our toes. Besides, rigidity leads to complacency, which leads to friction, which leads to ______________! 😉


      • I couldn’t agree more. There’s a huge difference between existing and living. One is hollow and empty. The other filled with meaning. Living is open to the interpretation of each person, but existing is pretty universal…and unfulfilling.


  2. I *really* liked this. He says it’s destiny. Is it? Maybe it is. I’m not sure he wouldn’t care if he was right if he really loved her and they were “meant to be.”

    My last facebook status update was: and the world spins madly on…


    • Glad you liked it too Jessica. The whole concept of “destiny” is always intriguing because our individual perceptions and points-of-view are always skewed by our own surroundings — a very limited lens.

      The video & music also speaks to what you mentioned: care, or indifference, or apathy. With all this said, it does bring together a fascinating potential: destiny will happen in a “broad” sense, i.e. death, family & loved ones changing, growing, and dying, etc. Yet, we are all still a significant part of HOW those “details” pan-out — in other words, we DO have a say in events on a small scale. So perhaps a balance is to be embraced, or accepting the Greater Destiny but playing your significant part in the local mechanisms?

      Like that facebook status; it has a comical ring to it…and sometimes in life we have to/must laugh sometimes, or often! 🙂


      • I agree! I do believe in destiny to an extent, but at the same time I believe we create our own destiny… Is that even compatible? I hope so!

        And I agree with you on laughter!


        • Even though our minds have a difficult time grasping coexisting dualities, they most definitely exist (within perpetual balancING ranges) in Quantum Mechanics/Physics. So yes, they are indeed compatible on the sub-atomic & smaller scales — which of course makes up us and the macro world from the same elemental world. 🙂


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