Upcoming Memoirs

As part of the Alternative Lifestyles blog-posts migration over to the new blog The Professor’s Lifestyles Memoirs, this post has been moved there. To read this post please click the link to the blog.

Your patience is appreciated. Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Memoirs

  1. What the?! You’ve got a dark side, professor?! You know you’re not supposed to admit such things publicly, don’t you?! [Yes, Mr. Zande, I’m watching you!] I daresay these are tales of you taking your ‘Spurs’ friends up The Emirates, are they? Anyway, I’ll pass on the pass, but just checked in to say: “Claudio – you are now immortal! Like, er . . . forever!”

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  2. Ah, my dear Professor!! Finally! Hell yeah! Indeed! And you KNOW THAT I WANT THE PASSWORDS! 😈❤️😘 Please and thank you, sir, as I have waited oh so long for you to acquiesce to all the begging. 😉

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  3. I have been offline. And sick. Although the two are not connected. However I was pleased to see this on my return. I did originally mean for you to publish a paid-for book when I suggested it, but if you want to self-pub you can always do that later. I hope your readers enjoy your memoirs and that it generates interesting discussion, but … who can say?

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      • Guess it depends how you pitch it. Erotica, or factual justification ie yes, BDSM really is OK. I’m not looking for an argument, just saying they are vastly different approaches. The first sells.

        Separately, I’ve read chapters of people’s draft MSS, and one said to me that my honest (private) comments were far more helpful than the gushing ‘great!’s they got on their blog. So that’s worth thinking about. Blogpals are unlikely to criticise. Well, depending on who you are of course 😉

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        • The memoirs will be 99% edgey erotica, and only (maybe) 1% justification depending on comments/questions from readers. After 26+ years in the lifestyle, I will listen/read anything anyone has to say/write about it, but ultimately it won’t change me, much less the rise and growth of the lifestyle.

          Criticism, especially constructive criticism, is welcomed. However, these are simply stories, my recollections, over the years and through many “scenes” and my progression, education, and practice of SSC BDSM. In other words, the memoirs are a telling from the past; only future scenes could be modified. Those could certainly be enhanced and improved through critiques. 🙂

          By the way RS, I hope you are no longer sick, but well now?


          • Thank you for your kind thoughts. Sadly I am still extremely snotty.

            I do hope your readings into feminism are informing your views about BDSM. After 56 years as a woman I will listen/read anything etc … but ultimately …

            And there we have it. Constructive criticism is only what we perceive to be helpful. Not what we dislike. Anyway, I must take my self away to more productive space. Hasta luego.

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