Tears Required

Perception. Deception. Human gullibility. Swiss and American marketing equals tears.

In Texas there are many days throughout the seasons where the gusty winds blow around high levels of pollen, cedar, weed, and other allergenic particles. For those with sinus issues or dry eyes, this can make certain days wiping your eyes and nose until you turn into Rudolph the reindeer and other days like you just departed a showing of Old Yeller or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. When you try and speak you sound as if the only orifice functioning is your conflicted retarded mouth that desperately wants more air rather than bellowing out moose mating calls. Mariah the Allergy Queen comes hunting eyes and noses we bawl a song for thee…

Mariah makes the moosy sounds
So folks out here are dyin’
Mariah, O, Mariah
There ain’t no words a lyin’
I’m snotty can’t you see
Please blow my nose for me!

Get the picture?

Time for relief and an immediate trip to the pharmacy and/or grocery store, right? For contact lens wearers like myself, we require specialized eye-drops suitable for our high-tech lenses. It can’t be just any drops. It’s very technical ophthalmology. It is the difference between beautiful soothed eyes or swollen, bloodshot zombie eyes. Despite the urgency for the best correct solution, the selection demands careful decision-making skills.

You enter the store and THIS is what your screaming eyes see and snorty nose sniffles at:

eyecare shelf

Hell or paradise? America loves choices! This is a parade and epitome of American capitalism, marketing, and consumerism at its best. Everything imaginable for what you need and don’t need! They should put up a sign:  Hope you have a full afternoon to READ everything! Thank you for your business!” Aww, the store and product manufacturers want me to stay and spend hours perusing their packaged cornucopia layers. How nice.

But beware! Clever mischief is afoot.

Things are not always as they seem… or presented. On the shelf. Of eye-catching vistas. For your examination, Exhibit A:

Exhibit A

Exhibit A — notice the number of ounces

When searching for a product’s volume, or weight, or item numbers within, for the best buy for your buck, many times (all the time?) a shopper must be equally an expert in forensic sleuthing and a brilliant mathematician in conversions. And this is why, Exhibit B:

Exhibit B

Exhibit B — notice the length of the cap

One particular component of these pictures you cannot detect — because a customer cannot open the box without buying the product first — is the thickness of the plastic bottle compared to the perceived volume for the package/box and height of the bottle. Now, for all this show and pomp and circumstance for an enormously spectacular allergenic eye-relief, here is what 0.5 fluid ounces really looks like:

Exhibit C

Exhibit C — 0.5 fluid ounces next to a U.S. quarter

Now for the price of these eye-relief drops packaged in an oversized box, in a distorted container with a gargantuan cap and thick plastic bottle. Drum roll please… $8.25 to $10.50!

I wonder, what is the breakdown of that price for packaging, containing, for the Swiss parent-company Novartis, and the maker Alcon, let alone the retail store? Do I want to know?

Please hand me the crate of tissues. Here is truly where my tears of pain are required!

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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38 thoughts on “Tears Required

  1. I understand the problem, well most of it. I do not wear contacts, but do need to clean my glasses very often. I am at the point of going back to my allergist, because my allergies came back with force last fall. I thought it was temporary and so bought over the counter allergy meds that cost more than the copay for a visit to the doctor would cost. These things must have gold flakes in them they cost so much. Misleading packaging, could there be anything more typical of a corporation-loving country. Hope your allergies die down. Hugs

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  2. I feel your pain. Studying in Canberra, every Spring was a living nightmare for this Queenslander whose sense organs developed never knowing the various flavours of hell a million tons of airborne grass pollen could deliver.

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  3. So sorry you are suffering, PT. Must be very uncomfortable to function, under such daily conditions, and I admire that you actually able to skillfully insert the contact, unlike me. Interesting to learn a new way of looking at the local shelves, Detective Holmes. Yes, the prices are steep, although, to lessen the pocket’s/mind burden, here is my gratified perspective: thanks to lucky stars, I reside here to marvel at the copious amounts of offered medicinal products and possessing the knowledge to chose the right substance for the desired relief. On the lighter note, that we might agree on (LOL- you know I love your intriguing views, no matter if we don’t see eye to eye, at times), detoxing your system, is the proven, long-term way to go to achieve any allergy relief.

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  4. Ah, you think the above is absurd. Consider the ear drops I got a prescription for. They were 10 mL in volume, not 15 ml, in a similar little bottle. The contents was 1% acetic acid and 99% water. The price? US$35!!!! Realize that ordinary white distilled vinegar is 5% acetic acid and 95% water, so I could have taken 2 ml of vinegar and diluted it to 10 mL and used my own dropper, for a total expenditure of about $0.01

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  5. OMfreakinggod!! I have never noticed anything like that before…. Ugh you know the worst part is how much energy was wasted creating the packaging and how long it is going to remain as landfill for that piddly bit of liquid!!

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