‘Twas the Twilight of Reckoning

dragon-cats-eyeRecently on another blog I follow (here), a friend Jim and another blogger I follow John Zande unwittingly (or not) inspired my slightly twisted side to compose a swift, somewhat dark version of a popular poem. It was made in haste so please forgive the lack of poetic eloquence that one or two of my other dear blogging friends who are poetically gifted, like this one, seemingly and effortlessly write every day while sipping tea with their sticky buns would choke and give me a boot in the buttocks. Pffff. (with a smirk & rolling eyesAs you all take your seats for tonight’s festivities, please enjoy this musical prelude:

If you are unaware, several of my blogging friends know of my… umm, darkside, my unconventional ways of… expression and its many, MANY forms. This is one of them. Here goes… It may not be everyone’s cup-a-tea. (maniacal laugh)

‘Twas the night before Hallow, when all thru the forest
Creatures were a growling, even Tyrann Osaurus.
The chains were hung from the ceiling with care,
In hopes that wickedness soon would be there!

The Munchkins were all about snug in their threads,
While nightmares of monkeys danced in their heads.
And Dorothy in her tight dress, and soon much less,
Had all settled in unaware their pending wild mess.

When off in the distance there arose such a screech,
They sprang from their slumber trembling but couldn’t speak.
Then up above in the darkening sky, came creatures grabbing,
Tearing and snatching, the dress ripped, ’twas Dorothy’s undoing.

The full Moon welcomed them as they lifted their catch,
Lil voices screaming crying “Please don’t defile my snatch!”
Then what to their eye’s terror the room they arrived,
The clanking and swaying these chains and locks contrived?

“Now please oh please Evil Professor,” wee voices begged,
“We are mere Church-goin’ folk, small snacks and no legs.
Just take HER the prudish nun, the one doth protest way too much,
You’ll have much more fun cuz she moans to the touch.

We Lil Munchkins should know,
Cuz everyone in her faith behind doors closed,
Are really deviant animals
Without the least bit control!!!

Thank you all for coming. Now, for your listening pleasure as you depart, we’d like to leave you with this…

Funny what you can unveil when you back ’em into unsavory corners, huh? The primal nature and appetite are never too far and easily wakened if you know how and where to look. (evil grin)


Live Well — Love & Lust Much — Laugh Often — Loose the Libertine

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This work by Professor Taboo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.professortaboo.com/contact-me/.

23 thoughts on “‘Twas the Twilight of Reckoning

  1. ‘The Munchkins were all about snug in their threads,
    While nightmares of monkeys danced in their heads.
    And Dorothy in her tight dress, and soon much less,
    Had all settled in unaware their pending wild mess.’ – She’d slap you with her red slippers, I know that much. Hahahahaha. A fine and freaky offering from you, and I like the first song too, who are the artists? It doesn’t give a clue.

    – Esme Cloud clicking her heels together

    Liked by 4 people

    • Ahh, so it gets a grand stamp-of-approval from the On High Lightenin’-Bolt-Weilding Togo-Wearing Midget? Woooohooooo!!! What a weekend this will be… 🤩

      until a gust of wind lifts that toga revealing a LARGER lightening bolt!!!! 😲


      • Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for fanfic (though it was probably a good call to leave Toto out of this one). And the songs you provided were definitely a bracing change in style from “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. One can only lament the current unavailability of your version in DVD format…..😈 I’d buy it in part to see what would happen to that insufferable prig Glinda the Good in your AU.

        Seriously, I’d be intrigued if you’ve previously posted any other such flights of fancy. Since discovering your blog I’ve looked at some of your older posts, but never very systematically.

        Liked by 1 person

        • My goodness, you flatter with such kind, inquisitive compliments. Thank you Sir. I do not have such a regard for my lacking style of writing. Never considered myself a very good writer — my passions and interest led me to other pursuits and accomplishments. Nonetheless, many thanks. You are now the 4th person to suggest further endeavors. Hmmmm. 🤔 Maybe.

          Regarding other posts along these lines, I have gone happily exploring the primal facets of human behavior and natural expressions liberated from any fear. In the introduction of this dark poem I have a link to my other “Alternative Universe,” my Lifestyles Memoirs blog. Click the bolded word forms to go there. It is private so you’ll need to request permission for access first, which I’ll grant of course, and browse to your beastly content. 😉 Due to recent life events, curve-balls thrown at me, and other concerns I have been unable to post there or complete some of my series that I’m in the middle of. Nevertheless, there is quite a lot there from the past several years. And btw, they are all tales of very real, actual events… not fantasy. Although they began as fantasy, they were fulfilled. For everyone participating. 😈

          Also, thank you so much for unsystematically perusing my stuff here. That is appreciated!


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