More Thanks, Despite It All

Today me and my family have much to be grateful for in spite of so many recent events in our lives and country. Hence, on this day we enjoy the company of loved ones, laughing together, remembering all the good shared, missing those who in leaving this life took a part of our hearts with them. Together in gratitude we listen to music (two songs) befitting our mood and fortunes.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all with warmest wishes from the Miller-Strange family.

Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

12 thoughts on “More Thanks, Despite It All

  1. I had such a nice thanksgiving that it didn’t occur to me to listen to a tradition of mine; you reminded me, as of today. (It appears you and I are going through something of the same thing — concerning our mothers.) I like to listen to Robbie Robertson and the red road ensemble. There’s a whole album; here is one song:

    Robbie Robertson Ghost Dance live in Agrigento!

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