Flooring His Ferrari

Doing 120 in a 65, he knew he was in trouble when the cop pulled in behind him with the roof lights on.  Figuring he could just lose the cop he floored his Ferrari.  130, 140, 150 and still the cop was right on his tail.  170, 180, still could not ditch the cop.  Giving up he pulled over.

The cop approached the car,” Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t give you the biggest ticket this world has ever seen?

Well,” he stated, ” Just last week my wife ran off with a cop.”

SO WHAT!!!” the cop screamed.

I thought you were trying to bring her back.”

2 thoughts on “Flooring His Ferrari

    • I’m guessing your marriage is a wonderful example of what love should truly be between spouses based on your blogs. I’m sure she is incredible. It is a “conncection” that not even Dr. Warren of eHarmony.com could define or matchup. I find websites like his & similar ones don’t even bother with the critical elements of compatibility during real hardships & how the two of you (or in my case ‘the group of you’)…manage the hard/bad times beautifully. Thanks for your comment here & always!


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