Our Future Gay/Muslim U.S. President

Before discussing this controversial topic, I strongly urge you to first read my blog Sexual & Gender Ambiguity.  That blog is my personal foundation and experience on the subject of pro-life, abortion, and hate-crimes.

Those who know me really well know that I do not shy away from ANY topic of conversation…even if it is typically socially hyper-sensitive!  But OH MY, I could NOT resist this excellent t-shirt and retort (borrowed from a friend of a friend)!  I would add to the t-shirt, “If the fetus you save is gay, ethnically mixed, intersexed, and future Muslim President of the United States…will you still fight for its rights?”  So…DIALOG anyone?  Not heated bashing, but dialog please.  Thank you.




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3 thoughts on “Our Future Gay/Muslim U.S. President

  1. Such a good question all round! I am always amazed at the assumption by many Americans that President Obama should be required to “prove” that he is NOT secretly a Muslim and that he is, in fact, a practising Christian. Where is the legal right of Americans to demand a specific religion of their president? The so-righteously cited American Founding Fathers were Deists and Freemasons to a man, with an esoteric, occult plan for America to be the “seed” – a blueprint – for new nations around the world, and thus to be the beginning, the foundation, for a “New World Order”…One has only to research the esoteric architecture, the layout of Washington DC, and the role of “Virgo” and astrology in the belief systems of the Founding Fathers to see how thoroughly they had left Christianity behind!

    The American Constitution does not mention that presidents – or anyone in America – must be Christian (or heterosexual, male or white). Attempts to show that it was even vaguely a “Christian” document are laughable – a reference to Sundays as an exception for meeting times and to A.D. (in the date) meaning ‘Year of Our Lord’ (referencing the Western calendar) are two of about 4 weak attempts. But these show Christian cultural origins, standard-setting practices of the times, not binding, legal intent to make Christianity the official, mandatory religion of the United States and thus of its citizens and public officials…

    Your T-Shirt question is timely – because increasingly, the fundamentalist Christians’ battle to make America “their” nation has ominous, even deadly implications for the rights and future of all Americans, born and unborn. The “debate” between left and right is non-existant; Republican and Democrat categories are almost meaningless. The real debate is, and has been for some time now, between secular humanism and state religion (this is the same battle being waged in many Islamic countries as we speak).

    I do not think it is an exaggeration to predict civil war in America. Fundamentalist Christianity has no interest in a peaceful, longterm civilization here on Earth, guided by humanist goals. The fundamentalist Christian goal is, superficially, establishment of a Christian State, but the real “deep objective” is acceleration of End Times, and the triggering of Armageddon – preferrably in the Middle East, but if necessary, in America itself…


    • I couldn’t agree with you more on all your points. A couple of years ago I read an exceptional article in the Dallas Morning News about the election & swearing in of Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) then posted it on my MySpace blog section. I’m no longer on MySpace & now cannot find that exceptional article, but basically it shows that the U.S. Constitution does NOT specify that any congressperson be of any particular religious affiliation to serve in office! I wish I could find that article again; I’d post it in a heartbeat! Wonderful comment Silk/C. Thank you as always.


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