Not What Was Promised!

It's a Love Extravaganza?

Monica has become a new weekly patron of the quaint Pink Elephant Pub & Grill.  She is not a runway model, but she has a glowing smile, shapely and proportioned figure, and a big heart that compliments nicely her generous natural breasts.  Socially adept Monica seems to make new friends quite easily.

She decided it was time to join the very popular online dating website  Afterall, Monica’s internal clock is ticking a tad faster at 27 and her mother and older married sisters remind her of this all too often.  Besides, this website GUARANTEES LOVE on 339 different levels!  Monica thinks, “Wow!  This has to work!  It is at least worth a try for a couple of months.”

Very excited, Monica spends more and more time on the website.  Day after day she receives “match” after match of “highly potential” soul mates!  She had no idea that love was so easy, let alone so available!  In a three-week period Monica meets about 30 “perfect” partners for a drink at her now favorite bar down the street.  With heightened expectations Monica feels this one might have serious potential!  He pulls out her chair affirming her early desires.

Shortly after their first exchanges the manager-owner of The Pink Elephant approaches and politely informs Monica and her date that they will have to leave.  Both of them taken aback, Monica asks why?  “I have been a regular here for over a month!”  As firmly and discreetly as he knew how, the manger replies, “I’m sorry Ma’am, but The Pink Elephant is not a place for women-of-the-night doing business with their…. clients.”

Before Monica could finish her question, she turned to her now standing date and stood as well asking if he wanted to go somewhere else?

No Love, I will be on my way” and quickly made his exit.  Another man sitting at a nearby bar stool within earshot came over.  “Hi!  I would…” and before the suave man could continue Monica slapped his cheek and stormed out furious!

The moral of this story?  In online dating, be careful what you wish for!  — Professor Taboo wink & grin!


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2 thoughts on “Not What Was Promised!

    • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard similar stories from women mostly, who if are very persistent & committed to finding love & marriage — not necessarily to the best spouse — then sometimes get perceived this way! LOL! Yet those websites that we all know & watch their many commercials on TV, profitably pander to this……false sense of inevitable loneliness. I thought I’d make light of it here. 😉 Kind thanks for your comment!


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