It Can Be Done

The Five Nations International Space Station with docked NASA Shuttle

In Celebration of the Shuttle Program’s Last Flight

Once bitter rivals during the Cold War, in 1992 Russia and the United States decided to put aside their historical differences and nuclear weapons and begin a collaborative effort in space exploration for the benefit of humanity.  Over the last ten years the International Space Station has been crewed by astronauts from over 23 different nations all working side-by-side toward the understanding of geo-orbital life and eventually the human colonization of space.  The ISS and its multi-national crews, supporting staffs in five different countries, and national agencies, as well as private international corporations and investors show beautifully that humanity can indeed exist not only in peace, but as brothers and sisters toward common goals; yes, even from a planet sometimes gripped by hate, separatism, elitism, and death to each other.  The ISS is truly one of mankind’s greatest beacons of hope, brilliance, and inspirations.  Perhaps a large neon sign could be placed on the station’s exterior that lights up:

Welcome to our new home!  We are human beings from the planet Earth.  How may we serve each other?

The U.S. Defense budget, however needed, is one of our nation’s most largest budgets and dwarfs the NASA budget.  The same is likely true for other first and second-world nations.  Enjoy this following NASA video of human collaboration in its most magnificent form and imagine if you will what is possible if all people and all nations, no matter what their origin, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, if MORE unified efforts were made preparing and accomplishing for human survival on an environmentally unstable challenged planet.  The ISS proves it is more than just possible!

If you would like to watch the ISS or NASA Shuttle across your sky, here is the link to find what dates, times, and elevation you will be able to spot them.  Click here.  You must be early and know somewhat precisely where to look because they are traveling so fast the viewing window is only about 2-5 minutes before they disappear over the horizon!

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