Blogging Less Frequently

Just 2 1/2 weeks ago I was hired on as a full-time teacher for the 2011-2012 school year.  Yes, quite unexpected but welcomed news.  Of course, 10 days preparation for your students is trying to say the least!  I have been a VERY busy, busy man.  I will continue to be very busy likely up to the holiday break.

With that said, I will unfortunately, or fortunately for me, have less time for my blogging and writing here.  Some of you might be pleased to know that, assuming of course that for some bizarre reason you are still checking in here.  Hah!  But nonetheless, I want to state that instead of a blog every 3-5 days, they will pop-up about every 1-3 weeks….maybe.  *wink*

As I settle in to my new position and find a comfortable routine and balance, I will write/blog more consistently.  Meanwhile, peruse through the archives here if you like or if you’re not subscribed, check back every 2 weeks or so.



Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.”                — Mohandas Gandhi

4 thoughts on “Blogging Less Frequently

  1. This is wonderful news! You are, I am sure, a born teacher. May you have a great year with those chosen to travel it with you…Such a sacred calling. Welcome back, Kotter! I for one will miss your postings, for I don’t miss too many of them (still enjoying mentally the introduction to Steampunk here, because as an Aquarian, of course, the blending of past and future is perfect.) Good luck and don’t stay away too long.


  2. Just checking back in, I see you are still up to your frontal lobe in work…had mentioned your blog and Steampunk recently to Violet Hour Musings, so you are not forgotten! Hoping all goes well…the fall, and back to school, is such a wonderful time of year!


    • Hello again Carol! Indeed I am; heard the most appropriate phrase this past week describing this time of year for us ‘educators’…”you learn fast how to survive in flexibility, as good as ANY contorsionist”!!! HAH! If I manage to find 10-20 free minutes this weekend, I want to blog…but alas. Here it is already 8:25am CST and I have probably 72 hrs worth of work to do in less than 2 days now! Lol


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