Let Your Fears Go


Sunlounger & Zara Taylor

As my previous post stated, I have done a lot of work outdoors.  Some of it enjoyable and some of it down right exhausting.  Up, down, up, down…kneel, squat, bend over (don’t let your imaginations go there!), then repeat.  Yet what has made it all more a labor of love and not just labor has been the addition of my music.  My vocal trance music which is energizing and upbeat with gorgeous vocals and addicting rhythms.  The addicting rhythms are most definitely the cause of my many sore stiff shoulder muscles and abs!  Ah, the wonderful pain that is good and healthy!  It is welcomed soreness that some of you, like me, who have been and a part of the BDSM lifestyle can deeply understand.  In the lifestyle it is described as flying or sub-space; a natural euphoric high of neurons, hormones, and soulful dimensions.  And my music lifts me and launches me there every time.  Here is one of those tracks that propels me, especially at the 5:25 mark building up to the 7:08 mark…oh my frickin GOD that part puts me in a timeless oblivious place!

My favorite part of Zara’s lyrics:

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not alone.

One of my favorite quotes I reference many times and which means so much to me is “Fear stifles, courage fulfills.”  Four simple words with enormous power!  Think about it.  And in this case while this fantastic song plays, FEEL IT!

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Live Laugh Love

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9 thoughts on “Let Your Fears Go

  1. I’ve never heard this song before (or if I have, it didn’t register). She has quite a lovely voice. The music actually reminds me of the music they used to play at Babylon on Queer As Folk.


      • A while back, Showtime had a show called Queer As Folk. I don’t know if you ever saw it, but it quickly became a favorite of mine. Storyline was edgy for it’s time. Well written. Hot! Babylon was the club where much of the show took place. I still YouTube clips every once in a while. The most heart breaking gay-bashing scene I ever saw was at the end of season 1.


    • Got it. I’ll checkout some of those YouTube clips. I’m curious as to why this brought to mind the club Babylon? Because of the genre of this music? The reason I ask is because Sunlounger & Zara Taylor and similar artist are very popular at a Dallas club (I would often go to with a very dear long-time lesbian friend) called S4. Had some of the greatest times there for a plethora of reasons! LOL


  2. Boom chick boom chick boom chick. There is nothing better than a banging beat to make my blood pulse. As you know (I think), I am a diva on the dance floor. Picture me dancing around my kitchen. In nothing but my apron. Because that’s what I’m doing. I forgot to do them last night.

    I’m a very naughty girl. 😉


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