I’ve been spending 6-10 hours a day studying, reading, studying more, taking practice tests, reading, then studying more for the last five or six weeks minimum!  I am really really fidgety and want to get up, Rise and let my “responsible” side give way to my primal pinned-up dancing side.  So I spin the volume-knob clockwise…move…and jump, and bounce away in the rhythms.  Care to join me?

Phoenix from the Flames (Omnia & The Blizzard Remix) featuring Justine Suissa.

phoenix-from-the-flames-omnia-the-blizzard-remixThere was so much to doubt
and as you kept me out
I wouldn’t let you go.

I rushed to your defence but nothing made much sense
so much I didn’t know.

But I can’t face my life without you
and now I know the whole truth.
The demon that’s to blame
and every day that I’m without you
I know that you’ll pull through like a phoenix from the flames.

The journey will give rise to those who criticise
and fail to lend a hand
may all the while unkind and cast a stone half blind
find ways to understand.

But I can’t face my life without you
and now I know the whole truth.
The demon that’s to blame
and every day that I’m without you
I know that you’ll pull through like a phoenix from the flames.

It’s like the suns come out and I’ve been here before
and now your coming back home
coming home to me.

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The Great Divide (Radio Edit) by Velvetine

velvetineWalls around your heart
I wanna get in
I wanna know you
You’re scared to lose it all
I know who you’ve been
But I’ll take a chance on you.

You fight the light
You push it away
You’re gone with the wind at the end of the day
But where are you going?
You play it safe
So there’s nothing to win
I wanna come closer but you won’t let me in
I wanna go where you’re going.

Pull me in tonight and stay forever
I wanna know the secrets of your heart.
Let’s begin tonight
It’s now or never
Love won’t happen till you try to cross the great divide.

Across the great divide.

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Let Your Fears Go


Sunlounger & Zara Taylor

As my previous post stated, I have done a lot of work outdoors.  Some of it enjoyable and some of it down right exhausting.  Up, down, up, down…kneel, squat, bend over (don’t let your imaginations go there!), then repeat.  Yet what has made it all more a labor of love and not just labor has been the addition of my music.  My vocal trance music which is energizing and upbeat with gorgeous vocals and addicting rhythms.  The addicting rhythms are most definitely the cause of my many sore stiff shoulder muscles and abs!  Ah, the wonderful pain that is good and healthy!  It is welcomed soreness that some of you, like me, who have been and a part of the BDSM lifestyle can deeply understand.  In the lifestyle it is described as flying or sub-space; a natural euphoric high of neurons, hormones, and soulful dimensions.  And my music lifts me and launches me there every time.  Here is one of those tracks that propels me, especially at the 5:25 mark building up to the 7:08 mark…oh my frickin GOD that part puts me in a timeless oblivious place!

My favorite part of Zara’s lyrics:

Just let your fears go
You might find your way back home
Let your fears go
You might find that you’re not alone.

One of my favorite quotes I reference many times and which means so much to me is “Fear stifles, courage fulfills.”  Four simple words with enormous power!  Think about it.  And in this case while this fantastic song plays, FEEL IT!

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Live Laugh Love

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Working Waggle Dancers


The pond and piles of leaves. Click for larger image.

Raking and picking up the fall live-oak leaves has been overdue.  Not only that but living on top of a hill with never-ending breezes blowing the tiny leaves into the waterfall and pond, add to and make the job more tedious and longer!  Then it soon reaches the filter which protects the pump, which quickly needs cleaning too!  Last week and this week I have been Yard Man, Pond-n-Pump Man, and like the honey bees we have around, doing it all under the influence and motivation of my loud vocal trance music and the smell of jasmine:  the Dancing Yard Pond-n-Pump Man.  I must admit, there might be a better way of completing these spring chores, but for me there’s no other enjoyable way of doing them.

IMAGE_097As I was cleaning out the pond, treating the water with algae killer, and rebuilding the goldfishes’ rock covered hideaway, I could not help noticing the number of honey bees buzzing me.  They didn’t seem to be as interested in me as they were the water and Lilly-flowers; no need for alarm.  They are worker bees obeying their Queen to go out, seek and find the stuff of food and honey for the hive.  Such is the system of life in springtime.  But curiously when I was at my laptop adjusting the volume from loud to louder, four to six of those buzzers were buzzing my speakers, sometimes the laptop.  I thought “Now that is curious!”  Why were they so interested in my speakers?  Or were they interested in what was coming out of my speakers?  Then I thought “Hah!  They must be Vocal Trance and dance lovers just like me!”  And that’s when it hit me…. bees communicate with each other by specific dances and by the flapping (or buzzing) of their wings:  vibrations/sound waves.

I, like the bees, was working harder by my music and its vibrations.

While I continued to clean the pond and sit next to my music on the laptop to take breathers, I had no reason to be bothered by the honey bees.  In a sense, we were both doing the same work, for our home/hive.  We were dancing busy bees.  We would come over to the music, feel it, and be re-energized.  Then it was back to dancing…. back to work.

Being the inquisitor that I am, I decided to lookup how honey bees communicate with each other.  Scientists have learned that bees talk to each other in remarkably similar ways humans do.  Of their five senses, honey bees communicate through pheromones and choreography.  Think about it, other than talking, how do we like to communicate when we are out in public?  Certain perfumes and cologne mix well with our body’s skin oils, or pheromones.  Other than talking, how else do we communicate?  By how we move.  Honey bees tell each other where a food source is by doing a waggle dance.  All the worker bees (or in this case, dancing bees) pick up on it.  For people our motions and manners convey who we are and what we are doing.  Honey bees are not much different.

Our jasmine vine and blossoms

Our jasmine vine and blossoms

Speaking of attractive smells, there was a spot in the yard I particularly liked to work and work slowly.  It was downwind of the jasmine vines.  If you have not smelled fresh jasmine blooms, then you are missing out on one of nature’s sweetest addicting aromas you’ll ever have the pleasure of inhaling.  Whoa!  I asked myself, is there a way to bottle this or roll it and smoke it?  Or put it in a low-burning oil fragrance bowl?  Holy cow, is there a support group Jasmine-Anonymous for jasmine addicts?  Because I’ll become a lifer!  And no surprise, guess who else enjoyed the blossoms?  My waggling work buddies the honey bees.

As a young boy growing up who had to rake and pick up all the leaves in our huge yard, and inevitably come down with allergies and sinus drainage and swelling, I never looked forward to or enjoyed early spring.  However, this time was very different.  This time I could blast my inspiring music, work and dance with the bees, and the entire time take big whiffs of jasmine like I was inhaling that cigarette after incredible sex.  Though I don’t smoke, I know smokers know what I’m talking about.

In a weird way I want the work to go slowly.  I’m enjoying it.  I guess you would have to be here to understand.

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