Hunters vs. Hunted

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33 thoughts on “Hunters vs. Hunted

    • Happy you enjoyed it M’sS. It does require a lot of preparation on my part, but as I alluded to, the “reward” is not only mine but even more so her’s. Which is what fuels me more….and the “vicious” cycle continues!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this post. This is interesting. Very interesting. Perhaps we are not so different, you and I. But at the same time at completely different ends of the spectra…

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        • I am a “chemist” of sorts; some totally enroll, and others find the Exits very quickly. Either way, I suck the marrow out of life….to borrow a profound truth.


        • So playing with you is to automatically play with fire? I have rarely encountered anyone who is that black and white, but somehow I believe you. Playing with chemistry is usually way too much fun to stay away from.
          However, I am a skeptic when it comes to profound truths. But you are more than welcome to enlighten me.


        • Though your words are kind Sophy, I always prefer to earn the incredible depth & expanse that BDSM trust & honesty manifests. But still, thank you.

          “Our hesitations & fears are lessened when taking the journey together” is sometimes what I tell her or push myself to live out. We are not always in the same place….and that’s okay too.


  2. My, aren’t you fiendishly deviant…in the best possible way. 😉 As you’ve probably deduced, none of what you said surprised me. I have an appreciation for a cleverly playful mind. My only thought as I read was that I hoped you had all parties involve sign some sort of contract so that there was no chance anyone could come back later and cry foul as sometimes can happen when boundaries get pushed. Sometimes hindsight can freak people out when they look back on their own behavior. Shocked and appalled, they can rewrite history in an attempt to “protect” themselves.

    Thank you for sharing! It’s been interesting to see where our thought patterns intersect.


    • Kitt, you bring up a critical point that I simply couldn’t explain without making the post 5,000 words or more. As you and I are well aware, the foundations that are laid & covered BEFOREHAND are often extensive, yes; as they should be. Safety & some comfort is definitely a must in edgeplay, trying not to reduce the ‘adrenaline’ of the unknown too much.

      Yet, how far has mankind come or could have come without the bold explorers throughout history? That applies without as well as within. 🙂


      • You’re quite right. It’s those who “boldly go where no man has gone before” that forge the interesting trails. It can be both dangerous and exciting. Sadly, it can also be very misunderstood. As with all play, there are two key elements that are even more important when pursuing these sorts of adventures. Trust and honesty. Without both, the consequences can be quite disastrous. (But you already knew that)


        • Bulls-eye Kitt. The depth of trust & honesty sometimes needs to be pushed as well, simply to discover ANOTHER level of intimacy…RAW intimacy!

          “Fear stifles…courage fulfills.”

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  3. Actually, your intuition is spot on.

    But it is not something I wish to write about in the public forum. Perhaps via email one day. In the interim, I shall follow your blog, and bid you adieu.

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    • “…not in the public forum.” A valid point. Which is exactly why I had no issues or fear when the local police pulled up to my SUV — I flat-out told the officer exactly what it was I was doing/planning. We then had about a 20 minute mature discussion. He explained (in futility) what would happen if he or the “force” caught us. After four expeditions we have yet to even be noticed — which is exactly why I chose that location.

      Many thanks for stopping by Lady Crimmins. 🙂


  4. I think my first instincts were right. I would def want to run a million miles from you. Seriously, I can’t imagine that in a million years. And I don’t even want to think about what you have in your toolbox.

    Nor do I agree with dogs being tied up to stakes 😦 That is most def not consensual.

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    • In the lifestyle Roughseas, anyone is free to run and run as far away as their heart desires. Everything is ALWAYS consentual and “events” well planned out to abide by the S.S.C. creed of our lifestyle. 🙂

      Nor do I agree with dogs being tied up to stakes 😦 That is most def not consensual.

      I cannot comment on dog ownership, training, or their appropriate behavior — I’ve not been a dog owner; probably never will be.
      Thank you Roughseas for stopping by here and reading this post. ❤


  5. I am attempting to imagine the ecstasy she must have felt. As long as there is the trust to keep her safe, which there obviously was and you obviously did, what an exciting way to work out a fantasy. It piques the curiosity even more…

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    • You hit it spot on Dana. SSC BDSM cannot exist without a high level of trust; trust among couples, groups, and communities. And that trust is never earned overnight! There is a detailed process both spoken, written, and sometimes unspoken because Masters have led and mentored — same with subs, bottoms, and Switches. So yes, let your imagination FLY and realize those wildest fantasies. That’s what we do… often. 😈


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