Other Duties Call

specialeducationI am finding less and less time on my hands to blog or to follow the many blogs I enjoy following.  Why?  For one, I’m way out-of-town right now (I scheduled this post beforehand) at my son’s baseball tournament for 5-days and 4-nights.  He is a very good catcher on a good little league team; they typically go far in tournaments.  Summer is pretty busy when you have kids.

Another minor reason is because of the remote location I am temporarily living:  far southwest rural Texas has few choices for internet providers. Their streaming data packages are either very limited or if not “limited,” very expensive.  Hence, if it’s not all closely monitored, data uploads and downloads can snowball and quickly get expensive.  And as some of you tech-savvy and internet-savvy bloggers may know, most websites and browsing can DEVOUR data speeds, streaming data limits, etc, etc, like an angry momma bear defending her cubs!  That’s one reason my internet per diem is fixed and not unlimited.

spec_ed-enabledThe other reason, the main reason, is my upcoming licensing exam in July to be certified in Special Education Early Childhood through 12th grade (EC-12).  The preparation for this exam is critical because I already have at least four school districts (and growing) who want me to pass it and work for them.  And so I must pass it…for a number of reasons.  Not long after acquiring the certification, I will have to prepare and move to my new job location.

Therefore, this is my quick simple bulletin that I have not become disinterested in blogging or following your particular blog, but that my personal priorities for the next two months dictate I give more time to a very significant goal/license (and expansion of future opportunities) and less time to things not as significant.  One universal truth that will never change is 24-hours in a day.  No matter how you slice it up, no matter how you shift this or that, there will never ever be more than 24-hours.  Technically, and for health reasons, we have only 17-hours per day — about 7-hours of sleep doctors agree is required for the body to recoup.  Boom.

quiet-everyone-studyI will try to blog and follow blogs as my time allows now and for the summer, however, as August approaches many educators are busy gearing up for the start of the school year, and in some cases – like me even when I’m not preparing for a licensing exam – they start in July.

There are many, MANY posts I’ve started, some I’ve almost completed, and others that are merely in the concept/idea stage that will all eventually get posted/published on here.  For example, these are a few in the works and not in any order…

After Dark – Part 2
Exiting a Wing-suit in Mid-flight
L’absurdité de la Guerre
“For the Kids”
Chasing the Golden Mortarboard
Phi –What?
(none of you steal my ideas here! *wink*)
Fecal Pushers
You Have To Come Home
The Holy River
The Collective Imperative
I Want You
and The Major Sex-Ed Problem in Texas to name a few…

…so I will not be disappearing.  Just not posting or visiting as much until my schedule has more flexibility.

This is therefore a See You A Little Less, and not goodbye.  Feel free to email me (professor(dot)taboo(at)gmail(dot)com) if you would like.  I check emails daily.

15 thoughts on “Other Duties Call

  1. Taboo, I can sympathise and resonate. I’m battling space/time myself these days with a f/t job, f/t voluntary job and a host of other nonsensical engagements that have me frolicking around London in kitten heels and smeared lipstick. Indeed, I’ve been reading your blogs too, but don’t always have time to comment and leave my shapely print.

    May the fates favour us with time and the leisure to pursue the blogosphere with grater verve and attention soon!



    • Thank you Lady A. It seems it’s a full-time job just trying to find & squeeze out maybe 25, 25 1/2 more hours, huh? Then life or Mother Nature rudely steps in… “who died & made YOU timekeeper!?” My house of cards then get “shuffled.” 😉

      Enjoy your feedback immensely when you do have the time. Thank you as always!


    • It is Kitt, always. One of the things I dread after being out of pocket so long are the 2, 3 pages of unread emails that have piled up — that may be nothing to some, I know. LOL

      Thanks for your understanding!


  2. Hey, it’s okay. I feel ya. I have a hard time keeping up, too… And that just means it means a lot more when I see you pop by my blog!!! And congrats on getting the certification for special ed!! That is SO SO SO awesome!!


    • Thank you Jessica! Of course I’ll keep stopping by your blog! You can’t get rid of me that easy. 😉 Now that I’m back in town it is time to hit the flashcards, books, practice tests, etc. for the next 35 days.


  3. Professor Taboo,

    It sounds like a hectic summer but all good things for you.

    I look forward to reading the finished posts that you spoke of.

    Talk again soon I hope,

    Mr. Fox


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