You’re Right

The state of meditation is a powerful vessel.  A connected state-of-mind and body to dimensional existence is about as meaningful a life as a person can reach; an altered or altering consciousness.  But a person cannot reach that point solo.  We also need the right surroundings.
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image Vladstudio

image Vladstudio

Growing up I loved playing my drum-set.  In our downstairs playroom I had my 15-piece drum kit setup along with our band’s Peavey amps.  Plugged-in to those Peavey amps was my stereo.  Through my stereo I played the songs from epic rock-metal bands with more epic – so I thought – drummers.  And within moments of beating the skins, high-hat, bass drum, and cymbals…I was there.  Much of the sessions I would reach a heart-rate and drive that I could barely hold my sticks from the perspiration.  I eventually had to place a fan on top of my bass drum to help cool my frenzied journey.  I would reach such a vibrational rhythmic state of meditation that I can only describe as fluid between here and there.  My sense of place and time, aside from the rhythm and beat, was lost; oblivious to anything in the house or outside it.  It was there that my expression, my place in the moment and in the world, was most creative and most lucid.  It was – and to this day as well – my way of belonging.

The years from 1990 to 1995 were the most devastating and most life-changing years of my life.  Here’s a summary:  My father committed suicide, my girlfriend-turned-fiancé abandoned me and our 2-year relationship without a single verbalized explanation, I was arrested by law-enforcement, I walked out of my wonderful psych-hospital job-career and out of my half-completed master’s program at my seminary, my daughter was born, a 5-month marriage ended, and I moved back to my hometown.  Often during those years I sought the solace in the one place I knew I could find it.  One song I’d play over and over and over, and behind my drums I’d play along…let go of my nagging thoughts and find my place of belonging.  It was the only song, music, and lyrics that would make sense to me where I could find my father and my daughter, both of whom were no longer with me.


I have since learned that finding the place of belonging is sometimes very difficult, even tragic.  But having survived it all, I have discovered just how powerful the state-of-belonging and connecting can impact not just a life, my life, but life around us.  This is how I’ve equated it in my mind.  As the lyrics of the song go…

If you open your mind [and soul]…You won’t rely on open eyes to see

My painful and beautiful journey would not have been possible if I had not had three critical travel-items:  my parents and extended family, a creative growth-model of education taught by my father supported by my mother, and then finally love.  These three integral parts must continue with us into adulthood.  They must evolve and grow in order to best manage in life the inevitable change and unexpected plot-twists!

If you have those three flexing growing components in your life – each illustrated mathematically by dividing 100 into 3 parts – the number cannot be emptied but goes on and on ad infinitum.  For me, Fibonacci’s Sequence, or Golden Ratiowould be the counter-part, if you comprehend my wackiness.

The three parts each need more than just the mind or cerebral cortex.  They need feelings.  They need the freedom of fluid creative passion!  Nature and the Universe (Multiverse) already create then modify, refine, then create more and so on like the Golden Ratio.  Human DNA, generation to generation, does the same thing.  As highly intelligent feeling beings, we have the passions to ignite life.  If fortunate enough to have loving, nurturing yet non-oppressive parents and family, then we are given the early tools to ignite a significant belonging life…not just for ourselves, but equipped to provide a general blueprint for others too!

If this parental-family environment is taught throughout the primary and secondary schooling – in other words explained via the table below – empowering the child and adolescent, then the state of belonging can be perpetuated outside of self.

Learning Method table

Assuming you are allowed how to think rather than told what to think, then a once very successful American icon spoke these words of enormous spiritual-cerebral wisdom to take on your journey:

“Whether you think you can or you think you cannot – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

If a young mind and heart are constantly denied the means to freely express, create, and recreate, learn and relearn for an eventual greater good, passing on a new fluid blueprint, then it would seem ironically, one becomes entrapped in the past.  That is most unnatural.  Ford recognized the power of self-actualization learned through and from our environment.  In other words, there is a connection between us and everything around us.  But there is more Henry – another force that is just as fluid.

Ford’s imparted partial-truth cannot be fully owned without the sticky fuel of feelings and love-ingredients to energize it.  There are some things that can’t be taught.  They must be realized.  Though it had a compass rose, I was given my blank map.  The natural aether in the lucid state of vibrant rhythmic meditation is an individual journey…for me discovered during my youth, rediscovered in my darkest hours, and now openly shared in wisdom and passion.  It is my primal home away from “home,” where I truly belong.

I swim in it regularly.

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Live Well  *  Love Much  *  Laugh Often  *  Learn Always

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5 thoughts on “You’re Right

  1. Oh my goodness, Professor. I would have loved to experiment on you when I had my brainwave training business. 😈

    While reading your post, I thought about a thesis I read from Stanford while I was studying for my neurotechnology certification. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

    “This project began about a year ago, during a party on campus. I was playing my drum set in the blues band that had been hired for the evening. By about two hours into the show, everyone was dancing, it was loud and raucous, and I was thoroughly warmed up. As one of our guitarists finished his solo, he spun around, nodded at me, and said, “Go for it.” Although I don’t generally take a lot of drum solos, I didn’t hesitate. I broke into a rhythm and started building it up on the snare and bass drums.

    Then, without any warning, I found myself perched about five feet off the floor and about four feet behind my body, looking down at myself at a slight angle. The music kept going, and after about twenty seconds I started thinking, “Wow, this sounds pretty good,” and then suddenly realized that it was me that I was watching and listening to. Immediately, I was back in my body, seeing the drums again from their normal angle, aware that I had to keep playing or everything was going to fall apart.

    It was such a strange experience that I didn’t mention it to anyone in the group, but I can still remember it as vividly as if it just happened. Afterwards, there was no doubt in my mind that there was more to what I was doing than just playing the drums. This experience sent me into a fit of reading about percussion and altered states of consciousness that has only expanded and become more meaningful the longer it’s gone on.”

    Click to access AuditoryDrivingRitualTech.pdf


    Btw, I have the “Golden Ratio” frequencies for entrainment,
    Delta Pi & Phi ( 3.1415925511 Hz and 1.618 Hz.)
    I’ve had some rather cool experiences. 😉

    Fantastic post!! Now I will listen to your tune.


    • YES Victoria! That is almost exactly what the altered consciousness and primal-rhythms are like! Certain vibrational frequencies and wavelengths propel us into dimensional interconnection! It is the ultimate “high”! Thank you for putting it in those words. And I am going to go read that link/study.

      The tune and lyrics bring tears of pain and joy to my eyes and heart every single time I play it or hear it, without fail. It resonates DEEPER than any song I’ll probably ever hear; probably. Must leave room for growth and recreation. 😉


  2. A very interesting look into the spiritual science of music. Some have placed music on the top of the list regarding most pure art form. The comment about the drummer solo that resulted in an out-of-body experience reminds of the “primitive” people on the Earth who use drumming as a part of their spiritual practices, then the images from “A Man Called Horse” with Richard Harris during the Sun Dance come forward… Your fixed model/growth model comparison is so obvious that it seems a sin that debate wasn’t settled when it first began. Perhaps, if that debate would’ve been settled right away and correctly, a lot more people would be hanging out in their primal home away from home, and the world would be a much different and better place. Excellent heart-felt writing. Silent Lucidity is at the top of your list of music you resonated to while drumming, what are the titles of the others on your top five or ten list?


    • Hello Jerry!

      I completely concur about the spiritual value of music for us — on Quantum levels the vibrational connection has a large positive impact, sometimes negative on the brain and body. You may or may not be surprised (and at the risk of sounding redundant) how subtly the Fixed-model/Growth-model permeates through our society. It boils down I think to two things: #1 – the parenting method used and #2 – the consensus of the surrounding community as to the value placed on individual ability: whether the value is positive or negative. We CERTAINLY do not begin life negatively, unless one considers forms of physical-mental retardations that develop during prenatal stages. That of course would be extremely harsh but astonishingly throughout history was the social consensus, at least during the Dark & Medieval Ages.

      My Top Five list of my spiritual drumming music? This list consists of tracks that challenged me (technically) as a drummer, hence putting me into that “zone”:
      1 — La Villa Strangiato (Rush & Neil Peart!)
      2 — Forty-two and six (Tool & Danny Carey)
      3 — Simple Design (Breaking Benjamin)
      4 — I Stand Alone (Godsmack)
      5 — Spoonman (Soundgarden)

      This list is NOT comprehensive, simply five of my favorites. I have many many more that I love playing to. 🙂

      Thank you Jerry for your continued Following-loyalty! It does not go unnoticed.


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