Ten and Counting

AerialFlareGun loaded, aim straight up, pull trigger…BANG! The loud hiss and white smoke follows the red-glaring shell. S.O.S. flare explodes, and begins its slow descent. Is anyone out there?

It’s been 10-days now and still no Likes or Comments on my previous post. Nothing. Zilch. This is a little peculiar, if I may humbly admit, given the controversial subject of sexism and the previous discussions. I’m surprised a little over the complete silence. But there’s a flip-side. Let me re-evaluate what happened when I clicked the “Publish” button, ironically on April Fools Day.

We are over 1,700 miles or 25-hours apart: WordPress headquarters in San Francisco, CA, myself in DFW, TX. Many things can go wrong within that distance and time. Electronics have proven time and time again — especially WiFi — they ARE NOT 100% reliable 100% of the time! Duh. While finishing my previous post “Do You Have A Condom?“, my laptop WiFi symbol bottom-right never indicated the signal was lost…even while clicking the Publish button. That doesn’t mean something didn’t happen somewhere between those 1,700 miles of which I was unaware. Then there is the possibility in WordPress’ constant monthly updating and “improving” of their product and features, of which it is impossible for most busy hard-working amateur bloggers to keep up with, and the problem was an HTML writing error between a status of Published or Pending. It might also be that within that status, the post was another Password Protected post, offering more complications. There is still a third or fourth possibility: the WordPress Notification system — during the publishing moments of April Fools Day — messed up as a result of any number of these noted possibilities. Can you say, “Wha-dee-wha-dee-wha-dee… What’s Up Folks!?

Porky-PigBottom-line, problems were present during publishing and now after 10-days and counting, there are still no Likes, no comments. I’m slightly perplexed and therefore writing this follow-up S.O.S. post. If everyone is simply disinterested, I completely accept that. It may be a suspended subject now. But if it was a WordPress issue, then I want everyone to receive at least another notification of this post and more importantly the previous Password Protected post: Do You Have A Condom? If you would like the password to read it, comment below with your request and private email address or send me your request to professor.taboo@gmail.com.

In advance, thank you all for your understanding and feedback! Otherwise, time to move on, huh? 🙂

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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22 thoughts on “Ten and Counting

  1. First things first…

    Thank you Ma’am [N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ] for the appreciation on my new theme. “…a longing for the Nordic/Scandinavian countries” for sure, I do indeed LONG to live in a more free, more equal, more civilized highly educated society like a Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc, than my present pseudo-barbaric location. 😛 You and I can certainly agree on that can’t we!?

    Btw, my header rotates randomly between 12 different images, not just that Nordic/Scandinavian picture.

    Second, this comment-thread has now most definitely gone well beyond the appropriate content of this particular public S.O.S. -flare post. Therefore, I must carry the remaining comments of our discussion over to the previous post! I may carry all of the thread over to that post. Fyi. 🙂

    Dana, I’ve also moved your comment over there as well.


  2. I think part of the issue, and believe I’m not sure it’s a good excuse is, you are browsing articles, and there are a number of people any blogger is following. If you have limited time like me to read people’s blogs, chances are you are going to pass over the one that requires you to send an e-mail, wait for a password and then read the blog. It’s more of a time issue (or a perceived time issue) over a lack of interest in your blog. I have sent for the password however. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great point Swarn. It is unfortunately a more time-consuming process, but a necessary one (I feel) given the content is for mature audiences… unlike my two kids. 😉

      Sending you the password post-haste Sir! Thank you for your feedback!


  3. Hey Professor. I didn’t comment because I had nothing to say/write. Unusual, but it does happen occasionally. More to the point I didn’t see this post because WP had decided I shouldn’t be following you, but I have fixed that. Until the next time of course.

    I don’t agree with Swarn, must disagree with someone, I don’t find asking for a password a problem for posts at all, and bloggers invariably send it/them promptly. Whether I get round to reading as promptly is a different issue.

    Now, would you like me to go to the other post and say that I have nothing to add? If you do, I’ll try my very best to come up with something, specially for you. OK?

    Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

    PS It’s not unknown for posts to not get any comments you know.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhhh, good morning (or afternoon to you) my delightful Kate! 😀

        Yes, my new theme and headers rotate randomly between 12 different images! I quite enjoyed picking all of them — they each have a story behind them. 🙂

        S.P.Q.R. you ask? Well, my talented, highly-acclaimed, highly educated new Follower, here’s the snipet-story behind that image. I think I can put it in one sentence…

        The Roman Empire had a MASSIVE influence on Western civilization, economically, politically, socially, and religiously, ESPECIALLY religiously — and the majority of our population hasn’t much of a clue of that far-reaching influence. 😉

        Hence, why I’ve written/blogged about it so frequently. There you go; the short quick version of it.

        Later addendum! — Sorry Kate! Please share your story of S.P.Q.R.!


    • Kate,

      Yes, I do admit that sometimes no one has anything significant to add to a post or subject — and of course that is fine. Plus, I completely realize my limitations as a writer; some days I’m just not “catching” enough for readers to stay interested. Again, I’m okay with that as well.

      But this particular day — April Fools Day — I did indeed have all sorts of technical problems, and unfortunately right when I was clicking the Publish button. Then they got worse right after. That is truly the reason why I fired-off the S.O.S. flare. 😉

      Kate, I very much would like for you to at least read that blog-post, yes. The password is the same as the previous post’s password. Do you remember it? If you have nothing to say — but I think you will — that is certainly alright. I hope although you would; I value your POV Ma’am. Genuinely. 🙂


        • LOL…”Bossy boots“? Really!? 😛

          You don’t have to follow my fine orders Lady! But I’m sure you already know that. 😉

          What I’ve found interesting from the few comments received, is the wide spectrum of interpretations, male and female alike. That’s why I’m ALWAYS interested in reading a diverse survey of opinions — more objective perspective! I’d also enjoy knowing where all Commenters reside & their personal background. IMHO that definitely plays a part in one’s interpretation of gender-sexual etiquette — as well as family upbringing too.


    • Hi Lisa!

      I prefer the regular old method that I’m familiar with. 🙂

      I certainly understand the/your philosophy of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!‘ sticking with “old methods” and more often than not, I preach that. LOL Furthermore, many of us have very busy lives and complicated things that take lots of time, end up frustrating; who wants that, right? So I get it. No worries. 😉

      With all that said, the CONTENT I was covering is most definitely age-restricted, age-appropriate adult material, though in my mind not terribly explicit. But what I consider “soft” (R-rated?) sexual material, others may consider X-rated even XXX-rated, or in rare cases bordering on abuse or illegal behavior; those are typically hyper hyper-sensitives with their own puritan views. Nevertheless, I thought it best & wise to not smash it in people’s faces while restricting certain ages. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by Ma’am!


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