Ten and Counting

AerialFlareGun loaded, aim straight up, pull trigger…BANG! The loud hiss and white smoke follows the red-glaring shell. S.O.S. flare explodes, and begins its slow descent. Is anyone out there?

It’s been 10-days now and still no Likes or Comments on my previous post. Nothing. Zilch. This is a little peculiar, if I may humbly admit, given the controversial subject of sexism and the previous discussions. I’m surprised a little over the complete silence. But there’s a flip-side. Let me re-evaluate what happened when I clicked the “Publish” button, ironically on April Fools Day.

We are over 1,700 miles or 25-hours apart: WordPress headquarters in San Francisco, CA, myself in DFW, TX. Many things can go wrong within that distance and time. Electronics have proven time and time again — especially WiFi — they ARE NOT 100% reliable 100% of the time! Duh. While finishing my previous post “Do You Have A Condom?“, my laptop WiFi symbol bottom-right never indicated the signal was lost…even while clicking the Publish button. That doesn’t mean something didn’t happen somewhere between those 1,700 miles of which I was unaware. Then there is the possibility in WordPress’ constant monthly updating and “improving” of their product and features, of which it is impossible for most busy hard-working amateur bloggers to keep up with, and the problem was an HTML writing error between a status of Published or Pending. It might also be that within that status, the post was another Password Protected post, offering more complications. There is still a third or fourth possibility: the WordPress Notification system — during the publishing moments of April Fools Day — messed up as a result of any number of these noted possibilities. Can you say, “Wha-dee-wha-dee-wha-dee… What’s Up Folks!?

Porky-PigBottom-line, problems were present during publishing and now after 10-days and counting, there are still no Likes, no comments. I’m slightly perplexed and therefore writing this follow-up S.O.S. post. If everyone is simply disinterested, I completely accept that. It may be a suspended subject now. But if it was a WordPress issue, then I want everyone to receive at least another notification of this post and more importantly the previous Password Protected post: Do You Have A Condom? If you would like the password to read it, comment below with your request and private email address or send me your request to professor.taboo@gmail.com.

In advance, thank you all for your understanding and feedback! Otherwise, time to move on, huh? 🙂

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

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