Memoirs of a Darker Professor – Bestow

As part of the Alternative Lifestyles blog-posts migration over to the new blog The Professor’s Lifestyles Memoirs, this post has been moved there. To read this post please click the link to the blog.

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6 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Darker Professor – Bestow

  1. Read. Sir may I ask a question. Why would she not know it was Wayne . If Wayne is close enough would she not smell his scent and know. I know I would. Just an observation.

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    • Ah, a good observation Anna. One of my former ex’s (a “bottom”) told me she could taste whether a man smoked, particularly cigars which she utterly hated, when she might be down on them. We are very much what we consume so depending on the person’s neural-receptors, including smell or taste, some bottoms/subs can indeed pickup the difference. Other’s cannot, perhaps because those specific receptors are not as acute or as frequently used as others. At the time of this very first scene together — our journey’s start into this artform — Tammy was very overwhelmed, very excited. Her senses were all over the place and she simply didn’t notice. Her hearing was certainly acutely heightened!

      If this had been you Anna, I would use a swimmer’s nose-clip on you, to make you less aware of who is around, or perhaps a different cologne on the shirt. There are many many ways to fuck with the mind in these situations. 😈 (with an evil maniacal laugh)

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