Memoirs of A Darker Professor – Drive

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9 thoughts on “Memoirs of A Darker Professor – Drive

    • A great question Dana and frankly (as well as surprisingly) one I’ve never been asked here throughout any of my BDSM posts. 😮

      “Kim” was never the jump-the-gun personality in day-to-day life; calm and composed 95% of the time. In fact, in our 3.5 years together she only used her safe-word once. In this particular session/scene Kim’s safe-signal/motion was pounding/slamming her fists and feet on the floorboard and later on… well, I don’t want to share any spoilers at this juncture. 😉

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  1. I am curious, I find the bondage and the not knowing exciting and thrilling but I do not find the fear of getting caught exciting at all. I have had many lovers ask me to perform sexual activities in the open and fear holds me paralyzed. Was this situation and your last situation first times for your subs are were they experienced in being “out in the open”

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    • They were experienced outdoors and in semi-public and public places. But they had never been bound completely and subsequently so “vulnerable”… at least in THEIR mind. 😈

      Jad, perhaps if you knew with certainty that law-enforcement (at least in the South, Texas, and Maryland – locations I’ve done outdoor scenarios) doesn’t punish harshly; the possible fines are not outrageous either. Officers deal with public displays like this quite often actually. Thus, the consequences lie only with total strangers passing by. But I always pretty much have that possible random occurence covered as well. After all, SSC BDSM is heavy into safety!


        • Well, a case like that isn’t a foiled/failed BDSM scene by law-enforcement. That’s probably rumor too or a power-playing zealous police officer. Perhaps the department already had a history with that man? Many many men (in Texas?) pee outdoors but do it discreetly out of view. Sounds as if THIS man didn’t give a crap WHERE he did it in front of people? That IS indeed arrestable and fineable.

          For a veteran experienced Dom, setting up outdoor scenarios requires EXCEPTIONAL forethought and planning, for me weeks, maybe even months.


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