Where Did It Go?

Over the last two or three weeks I have had a few of my Kink-followers ask me about the 3rd and final part of The Party and The Poke-her Game as to when it might be finished. Due to recent events in my family, on four different occasions when I had planned to finish the last half or third of the conclusion, Deal the Cards, unexpected events stepped in and detoured my time and efforts. My apologies to all of you. At least two of those events were of serious significant cause and could not have been avoided or postponed. As a result, I’ve had to delay the finishing until normal uninterrupted time returns to my daily schedule. Thank you so much Kinksters for your patience and understanding. ❤

behave__by_poulopoulosI have not forgotten that it needs finishing! I also want to give it my full and best twisted, sinister, deviant recollections and composure… in full-character, if you will, as I write. I take my dark art and BDSM writing very seriously. Whether I am in literal Dom-mode in person, narrating a scene to a curious inquisitor, or blogging about my past sessions, I must be honed-in, all other things tuned-out, and intensely driven in the moment. Frequent interruptions and distractions make for very poor BDSM content. I do not want to publish bland speedy mediocrity. After all, our delicious art-form encompasses all the human senses, especially the brain, and deserve sublime attention.

In the meantime, I will share with you today MY three choices of good-to-excellent BDSM films, or films with portions of quality BDSM content. Please feel free to leave your opinions and thoughts about the films or other films I do not list. Also, if you have any questions about the lifestyle(s), feel free to ask… anything at all is welcomed. I will respond to your comments/questions as quickly as I can.

My Current 3 Best BDSM Movie Picks

Honorable Mention Maîtresse (1976)

#3 — Venus In Fur (2014)

#2 — Secretary (2002) Of course.

#1 — A Dangerous Method (2011)

(paragraph break)

If there are any questions or thoughts about the films, the lifestyle, or questions in general, let me know below. Otherwise, Deal the Cards will be completed soon. 😈

Live Well — Lust Much — Laugh Often — Loose the Animal

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6 thoughts on “Where Did It Go?

  1. Looking forward to ‘Deal the Cards!’ The movies? Meh – I had my own dungeon for a time, so reminiscing about past experiences is far more enjoyable than watching others play-acting. Never been a voyeur, I can safely say. No questions, so…cheers!

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    • Thank you sepultura. Hopefully the uninterrupted free-time will find me soon and in bunches! I understand the “Meh” about BDSM movies — I get the feeling that many of the edgy taboo X-rated films I’d be eager to watch just will not (ever?) be released in the U.S., for obvious reasons. 😦 Out of ALL the “Dark Art” films I’ve seen — and that is a long list — I have yet to consider any of those 5-out-of-5 stars from start to finish. However, I wanted to offer a little something (movie discussions) for my patient, understanding, freaky perverts that do come around! 😛

      And along the lines of your preferences, I don’t like any lifestyle actors/actresses that always know where the camera is positioned; i.e. FOCUS on your subject, partner, and scene! Haha. But I do enjoy voyeurism because it is a change of roles and POV for me. I like, ummm… “many things.” 😈

      Thank you sepultura for your regular visits. 🙂

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