D’amour et d’Érotisme

On this Valentines day I share with you my style of love, of erotica and intimacy upon these lyrics, in select songs and melodies that move me — D’amour et d’érotisme. Close your eyes, if you wish, and be lost with whom and where your heart desires…

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Loose the Animal

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19 thoughts on “D’amour et d’Érotisme

  1. I love that different sounds, music, have different meanings to people. I guess it is because we bring our histories and sum of our experiences to the songs we hear. I know that no two people really see the same color, so I wonder, do people hear the same sound? Why is a sound pleasing to some and vastly irritating to others? I can see why lyrics could upset people, after all words describe actions. However sounds have only the meanings we give them. Which makes me wonder why two people who are alike in almost every way, sharing the same culture, dislike each other’s favorite sounds? Also why does our view, our like / dislike of some sounds change over time? Why is it only some sounds that change meaning and not all… as we age? For example I liked only one form of music when I was 18. It was the music I was forced to listen to in my youth. I had not been exposed to any other. I disliked all other music. Then over the years I started to like more of the “popular” music. Then I started to actively dislike the first type of music I originally would only listen to. Now my tastes are much broader.

    Thanks Professor for giving me something to ponder today. 🙂 Hugs

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    • All wonderful perceptive questions Scottie. I feel you’ve touched on exactly what makes this world, this life, and everyone in it so beautiful, so diverse, so very intriguing and mysterious. Perhaps we begin to appreciate diversity with time, wisdom, and understanding that comes with age. Are our youthful years filled with more “veils” to cover up insecurities? Embracing diversity, even contrast and opposition, is not all bad. I feel it is a good thing to expand and challenge/push one’s boundaries making them more flexible, more fluid… more tolerant? 🙂

      Music is a powerful medium to envigorate the soul, make us more perfectly and imperfectly human! I am a natural drummer. I feel the beat, the melodies and harmonies first. They literally take over my body. The lyrics come third to me, to my brain. The entire experience is surreal, other worldly, spiritual. I love it. It is the best damn legal drug out there, is it not? 😉 ❤

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  2. Ah, Professor! All great selections. I would add the following:
    Dave Matthews: “Crash Into Me” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU2E1lX1geY)

    And… for when it gets really nitty-gritty (and sweaty?) 😈 With the obligatory accoutrements, of course. 😉 , it is with pleasure that I recommend: Clark Beckham’s cover of “Earned It” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWq2MpdcImA)

    And even grittier and sweatier, Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” Your readers can youtube that one on their own as I do not want to offend, but it is highly erotic!

    These three songs always manage to (using a Texas expression) trip my trigger. 😉

    As always, thank you for sharing. You do have a way of getting the mind in the right condition. :*

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  3. Professor! I just played Peter Gabriel’s The Feeling Begins, and was visited with a vision of the mind! A psychical vision of the Third Eye it was, one of you sliding across the room, undressing in spasmodically tensed, jerking motions of your left arm, hips a-swaying, eyeballing me! You were holding two inflated footballs. 😮

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