Back with an Olive-branch Axe!

Now that I’m further settled into my new, but semi-temporary Dallas home, I want to throw out this return to WordPress post to all of you. Get your thoughts on two very popular stirring subjects:  Politics and Indoctrination. Do the two belong together? Should the two be one in the same? Have the two ever been truly seperate?

To kick this off I want to share these two YouTube videos:

Political —

Indoctrination, or coerced Indoctrination and the results

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How much truth and accuracy do all of you feel/think these videos represent? Share your thoughts on my four questions! Let me hear/read it…

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always


44 thoughts on “Back with an Olive-branch Axe!

    • Transgenerational indoctrination is especially prevalent in families and communities that do not or cannot (by law? banned?) learn about the world, other regions, continents, or cultures and ways of living and thinking… which are frequently better, more progressive and advanced than their own! But one doesn’t know what they don’t know unless they GO, venture out, explore OUTSIDE of one’s tiny bubble! Right?

      IMPO this is the best way to raise intelligence, awareness, better social-skills, better conflict resolution due to increased understanding, etc, the list of benefits are long and comprehensive. As I’ve often said throughout my blog…

      Fear stifles, courage fulfills!

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      • I live in a small town right now of 285 people. Most have never left Washington but man they have strong wrong opinions about the rest of the world and how great we are here in Merikka. Steeped in the big three cults JW,SDA,and LDS, they bind together politically and religiously and feed off each other’s small minded views of the world. The fact is people thrive and are much happier elsewhere than here. They also drive cars and have paved roads. That was always a question when Panama came up. Do they have paved roads? And cell phones? Lol

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  1. Glad you’re back, happy, and sassy. Indoctrination is a hard word, but I prefer to have people, especially children, taught to think, critical thinking, how to be skeptical even. Indoctrination can and has been used to hide things, including the truth. Skeptical critical thinking, or attempts at reason in some cases, tends to uncover truths and shine light on deceptions. There is far too much deception and hidden truth in both religions and politics. They are sort of alike, siblings even. We need to put them in separate time-outs for a while. Hugs

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    • Thank you Scottie. I should be able to do my usual 1-2 posts per month now that my schedule and priorities are not so demanding.

      Regarding children’s education, I agree with you. A favorite proverb (if you will) in education and among teachers is “Teach them HOW to think, not what to think.” Christian churches and Sunday school classes do not teach nor can they teach critical-thinking skills because doing so would automatically undermine God’s/Yahweh’s omniscence and omnipotence, as well as one’s “faith” in Him and His Son’s redemption. Actually, doing so would be nothing short of direct disobedience to God’s will and plan thru His Proxy. I know you know this. 😉

      Yes, my recent series “Games of Unknowledging” covered exactly that deception, distortion, or ignorance (via laziness or lack of time/priorities) that you speak of. I really hope Agnotology quickly becomes a well-known field of study and degree program throughout all of our nation’s universities!

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      • Agnotology (formerly agnatology) is the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data. The neologism was coined by Robert N. Proctor, a Stanford University professor specializing in the history of science and technology.Oct 22, 2016

        This seems like a fox news specialty. It is too bad more are rushing to join that state media arm of stupidity and conspiracy . Hugs

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        • That’s a very valid point Scottie on FOX News. I’ve watched a bit of their broadcasts/shows and typically after 5-mins or less I can’t stomach anymore hyped-drama for the sake of Nielsen Ratings. Plus, I get very annoyed when guests and anchors all start talking over each other and absolutely NOTHING can be deciphered. I truly loathe that format! 😡

          But to your deeper point, if you haven’t seen the 2015 film Truth based on a true story with Robert Redford (as Dan Rather of 60 Minutes) and Cate Blanchet (as Mary Mapes its Producer) then I definitely recommend it. No matter what the critical reviews of the film, it absolutely does justice to Agnotology and the current state of modern journalism or social media! It is very provocative to say the least.

          Also, here is an excellent interview with Ted Koppel on National Geographic Explorer that really NAILS modern journalism, or rather the deterioration of high-quality journalism in mega-corporate America where media companies are subsidiaries of power-based lobbying corporations that wield big heavy bats. They fuel the dire need for Agnotology! Here’s the link to that interview:

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  2. (Listen to this with the Pink Floyd soundtrack to The Wall playing in your head.)

    “We don’t nee no indoctrination… We don’t need no thought control.”
    “No dark sarcasm in the classroom… Preacher leave those kids alone!”

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    • Isn’t it? It is sort of like becoming a football quarterback and you’ve never played American football in your life. Or it is sort of like winning an Academy Award Oscar and you’ve never acted in your life. Or it is sort of like becoming the U.S. President and you’ve NEVER done any sort of Congressional, political work, or professional speeches before “bigly” crowds in your life! HAH! And yet…

      There are some 2.2-billion “professed(?)” Christians in the world and like the video above demonstrates, have very little knowledge of their own Holy Scriptures, doctrines, and theology, let alone the controversial, powder-keg earliest history (and the whys!) of the religion’s origins!!! 😮

      Thank you D.T. Nova for your feedback. Please feel free to drop by again. 🙂

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  3. Great post. 😆 It’s all been said here, basically.

    So I decided to post a link to a video of the brilliant comedian, Bill Hicks. It’s confusing at first because it starts in the middle of the JFK assassination and is mostly about that, but it finishes with obedience to indoctrination. I wasn’t able to find a better clip on Youtube in the time I had. There aren’t as many clips of Bill Hicks as there used to be and an incredibly strange phenomenon popped up in recent years trying to convince people that the wackadoo psycho Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. (Bill Hicks passed away almost 25 years ago). There is a similarity in appearance and much of Bill Hick’s material used anger for laughs, but he was a very cool person.

    I hope you enjoy it. 😆

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  4. Soooo happy you are back – missed your sense is humor ! Although politics and I don’t mix ;( will not be able to participate in any discussion and frankly have enough of it in our daily lives – need a positive escape, really, at this point . PT- let’s discuss flowers 😉 Haha! Anything but news ….🙏

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