Of Best Laid Plans

To a popular Mouse…

That small heap of leaves and stubble,
Has cost you many a weary nibble!
Now you are turned out, for all your trouble,
Without house or holding,
To endure the winter’s sleety dribble,
And hoar-frost cold.

But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid plans of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!

In less than ten days I will be moved out of our family’s rural 10-acre, 2,850 sq. ft. Ranchita home (FINALLY!), and soon be returning to my life and particular unconventional lifestyle in the enormous thriving DFW Metroplex I had over 3-years ago, of which does not and cannot exist in a tiny rural central Texas town. HAH!

Oh how I have missed my life up there, my appetites quenched up there, and my tribe up there. It has been far too long. But my strong duties to family, their well-being, and of familial values we hold from multiple generations back to 17th century Europe and nine generations here in Texas, refused to let me be so self-centered. I answered the desperate need that in the end took three long, exhausting years and every summer break the last five. It is coming to an end and very soon will be the start of the next phase of life in one of several of my cherished homes: Dallas-Fort Worth.

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As the 5th largest metropolitan area in North America, Dallas (the bigger half shown above) has two major airports (DFW International & Love Field) that boost an eclectic world flavor, many recreational parks with 11 large lakes, arboretums, museums, sports complexes/stadiums, including a pro soccer club, and a very good, extensive public transit system for eco-friendly Green-lifers, festivals galore throughout the year, a very large Steampunk community, and an exceptionally diverse nightlife with, yes you guessed it… a gigantic alternative-lifestyles communities, events, and network found nowhere else in the state in size or participation, bar none.

Am I beyond excited? Does the tin-man have a sheet-metal cock!? Okay, back on topic.

I had planned in vain foresight to post my Excursion to Perversions — II post well before now, however, “The best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew.” Interruptions have plagued my well-intended superior blogging time and skills — ‘cept a few various comments on other blogs — at the expense of leaving all of you in but grief and pain for promised blog-joys undelivered! Ghastly I know. Thus, my apology here, now, and likely beyond the New Year’s Day and week. In many ways I will be starting a new phase, a new life in a renewed but familiar place among very familiar friends and new ones yet discovered. WordPress and personal blogging must take a temporary back seat until then.

Meanwhile, I’ll pop-in every so often, see what’s about and what trouble I can find. 😈 😉

Everyone have a safe, sensational holiday season with friends and family, and a marvelous, safe New Year’s Eve and Day! Cheers!

Live Well Love Much Laugh Often Learn Always


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39 thoughts on “Of Best Laid Plans

    • Thank you Charity. It has/had its rough moments — elderly dementia and some early signs of possible Alzheimer’s — heart fibulations then satellite monitor, many shuttles to physician appointments, her falling out of the shower, broken knee-cap, split-open lip, physical rehab, contracters trying to scam her, rip her off, bouts of depression with increased sedentariness, and the list goes on. Mom is now a spritely 78! My sister is a 36+ year addict with innumerable relapses, rehab admissions, AMA discharges/bannings, and her problematic list goes on longer than Mom’s! She has been here (but not really at all if you know what I mean) with Mom the last 16-years and only added a dozen more years on her already challenged 78-years with multiple jailings and 2-3 imprisonments! LOL 😵

      Mom is now going to be with her man-suitor of 9-years who will and can take very good care of her. This releases me back to my life. 😀 For the time being? HAH! She’ll be 3-hours away instead of 5 so that’s good.

      Thanks again Charity. You and your family enjoy your holidays! Yes, peace and goodwill to all! 🎊 🎉 ❤

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      • It sounds as though the house and property were too much for your momma to handle. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry about your sister. We have no clue as to how to treat addicts in this country. Well, we do, we just choose the most criminal and least humane option to do so. That way the rich can get more money through gross mark ups and modern day slave labor.

        I know you’ve mentioned both of these women before in past comments. It sounds as though all three of you have been through your share of shit. If there’s anything I can do for you please let me know. I’ll grab a shovel and help you dig your way out, PT. You know where to reach me.

        When I was a Christian I loved the fun music, colors, lights and goodies of the holidays. I hated leaving that fun stuff for boring advent Sundays, candlelight services, Christmas cantatas and reading the gospels. I found a few brief times when I actually enjoyed being a kid with that fun Christmas stuff. Then some schmuck somewhere felt it was his or her job to remind me that Jesus IS the reason for the season. That we are to abandon the fun to keep it holy, at least put Jesus first and foremost. (🖕Yeah, he’s my number one.)

        Well, PT, enjoy your Jesus free Christmas. May you enjoy much rest, joy and peace. May you and all you love, enjoy a good ending to this year and a nice beginning in the next.

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        • Yes Charity, all you’ve mentioned there I will not and cannot debate. I agree especially on the incarceration process and profits, but can’t get into that subject now. Or the subject/problems with mental-health/illness and lacking abundant, affordable addiction clinics/programs with well-paid staff in this country. Ugh. 😡

          Thank you Charity and all of you make a memorable holiday season Jesus-free Xmas as well! We’ve always made it about family, right here and now, and embracing everyone’s (in the family) joys, struggles, and hilarious stories… to make MORE great memories together!!! 😛

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  1. Professor your excitement is loud and clear. I am very happy for you. Enjoy this exciting adventure for yourself that you return to. Much love and best wishes. Hugs

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  2. Some people have a Muse and you have a fracking mouse?! Are you related to Walt Disney or something?

    They say you can’t go home again, but as usual they are wrong. I have found my home quite a number of times now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahahaha! I WISH I had just a 5th of Walt’s fortune so I could upgrade from a “fracking mouse“! LOL 🤣

      You are so right Steve. When I turn our big screen TV on the NASA Channel to have that moving, live shot of Earth from the ISS, you know what I’m talking about(?), and put on some soothing Ensemble classical music through all the home speakers… I really feel home!!! After all, this Pale Blue Dot (as Carl Sagan aptly describes) is the only home we’ve ever known. It’s dear to me and MANY of its ‘neighborhoods‘ are incredibly stimulating in endless surprising ways! Would you agree Sir? 😉


  3. Hey PT. Looks like 2017 is a liberating and cleansing year for all. All the unwanted attachments will stay behind, while you meet 2018 full force in the new fire-carriage. I see you dealt with a lot and its time for you to spread your own wings and breath for your self. It would be curious to read about the Dallas Community in your blog, for I never visited Texas. Will wait for your future posts with the kaleidoscope of trouble, of course 🙂
    Very best wishes and smooth transition to you.
    Cheers to the new exciting endeavors!

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  4. Really happy to hear your good news, Professor! Very happy for you. And just as your letting your blog go to the rear, I’m trying to get mine going again! Dallas looks like an amazing city. Just stay away from Houston! Best wishes for the new year for you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jess!!! How are you!??? I’m so very happy you are coming back around in the blog-o-sphere! Let me be one to say: Welcome back! You’ve been missed! ❤

      I know you popped back around recently. I wasn't sure if it was going to be full-time or not. I thought you had left permanently. So glad I was wrong! I will get back over there Following you again! 😉

      Yes, Houston I know all too well — lots of extended family down there. Have no interest in living there whatsoever; way too many hurricanes back, to back, to back, ad nauseum! And you have a fabulous New Year as well! 🎊🎉

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  5. Oh, I see, as soon as it suits you, you just up and leave us; forget about us; ignore us! Well, I shalln’t forget this treachery, this perfidy, this bad faith Professor! No, you go and luxuriate over there in your ‘enormous thriving DFW Metroplex’, whatever the hell that is. Regards from Blighty! *Mad face*

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahahahahaha!!! 🤣 So Hariod, you are saying that you’re a bit flustered over my brilliant world-class tiki-takaness? Of going past your ‘defense’ and ‘goalkeepers’ with the greatest of ease while the 100,000+ crowd ROARS in bedazzlement!? ⚽️😲

      I’d imagine you can keep up my dear Sir — I’ll even show you a few tricks! *not Mad face*

      Liked by 1 person

      • All kidding aside, I’m certain you’ve done a quite wonderful job of serving your mother and family in what clearly has been a most trying time. Still, you can come out from under the boxes now, and start hitting the nightclubs, Professor! H ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha! Thank you Hariod. You know me, I can NEVER be put in a box, or if so, even STAY in a box! Not only do I think outside the box, but I THRIVE outside the box! Bwahahahahaha! 😛

          Nightclubs? Eh, maybe; perhaps. The thing is they aren’t your “conventional” mainstream “clubs.” LOL What I am always there for (when I go) is to dance and dance and dance from 10pm -ish to 2:30 – 3:00am -ish! THAT is my circadian beat and syncopation with my tribe, Earth, and Universe. 😁😍

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    • THANK YOU Jad! If I may be perfectly honest with you fantastic woman…

      I wish we had had the chance, instead of ill-timing in both our worlds, to have met in person. I am certain we would’ve had a BLAST together. I want you to know that as you are returning to Australia! And hopefully this “confession” will torture you just a tiny bit. Hahahaha! 😈

      Don’t become a total stranger, okay!? ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I think if we had met it would have been electric!!
        I am sure I have many more blogging adventures with my new life in Australia!! Stay tuned for the Batshit crazy Jad’s continuing epic journey!!

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  6. The thought of not having to mow 10 acres any more must be cause for a tremendous amount of Sn twitching in the trouser region!

    Remember to label everything.
    Nothing worse than hauling out a couple of cold beers to celebrate the move only to discover you cannot remember which bloody box you packed the bottle opener!


  7. PT I have seen you everywhere I go pretty much and somehow missed the opportunity to follow your blog. That has been rectified.

    Now I am happy you are excited about getiing back to the city, but damn if it were me I’d want to be as far out and away from the city as I can get. It’s an astronomy thing. And it’s a, I have a low tolerance for stupid people thing. Which by virtue of simple mathematics means the stupid factor escalates profoundly with the population.

    Green Acres is the place for me, farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out so far and wide, you can keep Dallas just get me the hell out of here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha… I get it Shell, and to be honest I have my end-of-fuse patience too. Everyone is different. Me personally I’ve been around and with ALL TYPES, some I can’t even mention here for reasons of incrimination. 🤣😲 But I have the personality-type where I thrive in spontaneity and the unpredictable. Might be why I did real well as a pro-soccer goalkeeper then Psych/A&D admissions/crisis counselor.

      Glad to have you along Shell. Feel free to share and comment all you want!

      Liked by 1 person

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