Color Color Color is a Comin’

To human eyes there are some 7-10± million different colors in the color-spectrum the eyes can process through various ophthalmological stages for the brain to interpret. Even though there are seemingly that many hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, the visibility and tidal wave of so many colors depends on the amount of sunlight available reflecting off of everything we gaze upon. But here’s another delightful twist to our fondness for nature’s bursts upon her color-palate:  rainfall. Yes, water plays a huge role in the chances of what we might possibly see and perceive on her outdoor canvas.

There are other variables involved, not excluding warmer temperatures, shorter winters, and in the western United States wildfires prior to saturating rains, that have prepared for this 2019 Spring to probably be the best super bloom of germination, eye-popping stimulation surpassing the last two remarkable spring seasons! California’s super blooms are well-known nationally. This year Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas—to name just three more states—will join in these showstopping color festivals visible even from space. Care to get a quick glimpse of what splashes and vistas we are likely about to witness over several states?


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On a cellular biological level it continues to dazzle me how given enough time life adapts in order to not only survive, but thrive and do so with such spectacular beauty. And think of how busy all of the thousands and thousands of different pollinators, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, snapdragons, even ants to name only five, as part of a grande symphonic crescendo to masterpiece and finale. Each instrument contributes their important part to this extravaganza of biological flora we call life, a super bloom enmasse, the Super Bloom of 2019. I wish the show lasted longer than a few weeks because all this botanical beauty does my mind and body a world of good!


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10 thoughts on “Color Color Color is a Comin’

    • No, I can’t claim ownership. I do have several I’ve taken over the years while down in the Texas Hill Country (Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Llano), but they are not near as professional as these. Our previous family home down there had many various wildflowers, cacti, etc, that bloomed beautifully. Can share those if you’d like and if I can locate them? 🙂

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  1. Finally, a post after my soul. And I can actually participate and comment on. Its beautifully written and I love the colorful flower fields. Thank you, PT. Basically, we are all interconnected and better pass the positive vibes forward onto our surroundings. Right?

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    • Hahaha! Yes, this post does dabble a bit in your area of expertise and passion doesn’t it Luda? 😉 You sound like you’ve been patiently (and grumbling perhaps?) frowning for months for me to post something other than the taboo topics I sometimes post. Well Luda, guilty as charged. Apologies that it has taken so long. When I sink my teeth into a particular topic (like a pit-bull) I really, REALLY want to breakdown, examine it in atomic detail, then it turns into a 3, 5, 6-part series. I know that is not everyone’s cup-o-tea. I do appreciate your patience and understanding Luda, I do! ❤

      That said, I have never been one to shy away from awkward, uncomfortable, or humbling taboo subjects (i.e. Professor Taboo). For me personally, to do so would be cheating life, cheating myself the opportunities to become MORE whole a human being… through both the joys and pleasures of life as well as its struggles and hardships — they go hand in hand I think. 🙂

      As you do know quite well though Luda, I very much enjoy, embrace MANY wonderful things in life. For example, my other blog… The Professor’s Lifestyles Memoirs Wouldn’t you agree that life is NOT all so serious, or all work and no play, yes? 😈

      Thank you so much for stopping by Luda and commenting! ❤

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  2. We have a number of flowering plants in our backyard and they’ve most definitely “shown their colors” this Spring. So much so that we’ve discovered plants we didn’t even realize we had since they were, well, just “plants” before the rains (and snow!) came.

    The only regret is our “rainy season” isn’t generally as prolific as this past year has been so we probably won’t get a “repeat” next year. Thus, as I’ve said in other places at other times — “Carpe Diem!”

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    • Carpe Diem indeed Nan! Couldn’t agree more! I feel our weather patterns and seasonal patterns are only going to get much more volatile and predictably unpredictable as long as we Americans (and some other superpowers) keep going about business as usual, if you know what I mean. 😉 😦

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