Renewing My Good, My Joy

Following this weekend’s multiple mass shootings across our nation and what will surely be more in the coming days, or weeks, months, or years as things stand and have stood, our country will be buried alive in body-bags, drown in all the blood and endless tears from families and close friends… I desperately had to find relief. I paused to re-balance. I had to detox and find buoyancy in my music, reminding me that there are still many decent, stable, joyful, helpful, patient, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, peace-making people who do live, love, laugh, and gladly learn… then DO those things I list making this world a safer better place.

To that end, here are my three selected life-renewing songs (out of many) that have returned to me a warm smile and a bigger heart. I’ve also included a previous happy slideshow from a previous blog-post: Amour et Coeurs Jumeaux. Let me know if you like my songs. If you feel the need or urge, share one of your favorite happy feel good songs down in the comments. I think we could all use some.

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Live Well — Love Much — Laugh Often — Learn Always

36 thoughts on “Renewing My Good, My Joy

    • Hahaha… Ark, my playlist could’ve gone on for hours, the Sex Pistols might have been in there. 😉 Why didn’t you post them? Do you have one of your favorite happy soothing songs to add here?


      • Well, the Sex Pistols might be pushing the limits of credibility of ”soothing” but how about, The Average White Band – Pick up the Pieces?
        Seems an apt song under the circumstances.
        Or how about Chuck Mangione – Feels so Good?
        In a Sentimental Mood – Ellington and Coltrane
        Have you ever heard of the band Solution? Dutch outfit from the seventies
        They released an album titled Fully Interlocking. Superb.

        Okay … here’s one to calm the savage beast …
        The incomparable Chris Rea

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    • Good question John. While I was out of town on that trip (previous post), one of those shootings had happened. The evening debates/discussions were primarily centered on all the typical rhetoric of the 2nd Amendment and our apparent need/right for MUCH LESS GOVERNMENT, interference/regulations, i.e. code for Wild Wild West “freedoms” and lawlessness. I’m sure gun shops, gun shows, and gun makers are still going strong, business as usual.

      I’m considering going in to either the manufacturing of body-bags or maybe head-stones, or both. Those HAVE TO BE fields of promising high-growth, high profit trends! Stock prices too.

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        • Hahahaha! 😆 Should I ask you to elaborate on the “Tiny” part and the “Dick” part? 😉 After all, not so long ago here at our State Fair of Texas, “Big Tex” — because supposedly everything in Texas is GY-normously big — Big Tex caught fire! All of his enormous Dickie clothing was torched off. Guess what was REALLY revealed under “Big Tex’s” blue-jean pants?

          NOTHING!!! Big Tex had always been dickless! Or perhaps transgendered! But clearly Big Texie had no Dickie, no ballsies! 😮 I tell ya, that day when all the smoke cleared… I was one VERY PROUD TEXAN! 🤭


  1. Hello Professor. I also understand, I am a bit worn down and out right now. Feels like the world is a spinning wheel and all the needed parts are being flung off. I love the songs, they are in my playlists also, and the slides made me smile. That said did you see where Texas is about to have 10 new pro-gun laws go into effect? Hey great timing! Hugs

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  2. Regretably, I cannot listen to your songs, Professor, as the audio player does not function for me. I have had this issue previously, and suspect it has to do with my (preferred) Edge browser. Still, I can add a ditty of my own, one which may raise a smile (or something) at your end.

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