There’s No Way!

A new Follower just reblogged this post, my post from March 2016. The new Follower’s timing was remarkably uncanny for this past week I’ve had, an exhausting pummeling upon me and my sometimes ridiculous loyalty and endurance with an increasingly CONSUMED world enslaved to communicating by unreliable electronic devices, their imperfect software/apps, via multiple distribution substations or towers, and IP-spooling for heavy traffic—something few people understand out of naivety—then have knee-jerk reactions when transmissions-receptions are not immediate or timely for their individual clocks. Sometimes I really, excruciatingly miss live talking over phones, but especially miss organic, human interaction face-to-face in this often hectic society. It seems it is a slow dying custom between humans these days, at least in a hyper-developed country such as ours. Twitter, Instagram, Android-iPhone texting, or Facebook messaging have replaced the multi-faceted intriguing(?) ways humans fully express themselves live to each other.

Why must we communicate with each other only through such inanimate, artificial, coldly inorganic electronic platforms/apps that are quite unreliable sometimes, limiting, or operate in ways SO MANY do not fully understand? Seriously, is everyone an electronic or software engineer? No, of course not. So try to step back for several minutes, an hour(?), to rethink what you may not be aware of during your emotional, rash but temporarily valid reaction and consider all variables outside of yourself. We modern humans trapped inside this monthly-changing technological Ghosts in the Machines just might not know every single significant factors in other’s lives. Show more humble patience. It’s what everyone deserves, and maybe some day, what you deserve one day. 🙂

The Professor's Convatorium

Anyone who has had to deal with manifested psychiatric-psychological disorders like manic bipolar disorder as well as/or clinical addiction, which often go hand-in-hand, then like me you can probably relate to and empathize about why this particular song* speaks volumes to me. It captures the intensity. It covers ALL of the mental and emotional ups and downs, successes and failures, that seem to be a never-ending saga of love, hope, destruction, beauty, anger, disappointment, joy, and most of all perseverance. I sometimes wonder if staying isn’t abnormal.

I live a chemical life
I’m on a mission to try
You went insane for a day
I’ll have to shove it away
My only option is gone
Smile as they break and they fall
You want a simpler life
You can’t erase what was mine

Even though it is human nature to often seek perfection and expect perfection, we eventually find that…

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2 thoughts on “There’s No Way!

    • In the realms of mental-illness, addiction, neurological or emotional disorders, and cognitive pathology-psychology Ark, whether in clinics, hospitals, workplace or classrooms, these ups and downs are everywhere around us 24/7, 365 days. Having been in those surroundings with those disadvantaged people for several years, I recognize many of their signs and behaviors in the general public. When you are faced with the crisis, when it falls in your lap unexpectedly, rather than the common reaction of immediate withdrawal, or posturing extreme authority and swiftly imposing physical force like our American law-enforcement sometimes unwisely, unknowingly uses on the mentally-ill or disordered, I have skills, tools, education, and experience that allow a more compassionate, hopefully calming, patient, therapeutic(?) approach. But, it can be a double-edged razor and utterly draining. Everybody, even the Psych/A&D professionals have our/their limits. :/ The irony is that sometimes (often?) it IS NOT so simple when we are dealing with many internal and external variables.

      Breaking Benjamin and this song Simple Design captures for my mind/heart EXACTLY the dynamics of reaching one’s ‘end of the rope.’ And it is indeed a kick-ass song by a kick-ass band! 😉

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