QAnon & Mass Digital Radicalization

I wanted to reblog this post by Lisa Schirch, a Senior Research Fellow for the Toda Peace Institute, Senior Fellow with the Alliance For Peacebuilding, and Visiting Scholar at George Mason University. I have been following Lisa’s blog for many months now and find it incredibly informative with reliable researched sources for positive change. I also wanted to compliment my following blog-post, SMSD Disorder, with Lisa’s here, for reasons you can surmise yourself. Enjoy her excellent work!

Several factors fed into the January 6 siege on the Capitol. First Republican leader’s undermined public trust in media and science. That set the stage for Republican voters to trust anonymous blog sources or QAnon, which spread like wildfire on social media platforms who not only allowed these lies, but had a profit motive to […]”

QAnon and Mass Digital Radicalisation: Peacebuilding and the American Insurgency — Lisa Schirch

10 thoughts on “QAnon & Mass Digital Radicalization

    • March 4th is supposedly the day dems will be killed. Why this day, Thor knows, but it won’t happen. QAnon Anon is a group I’m starting to help folks who wanna quit being assholes and idiots who’ll believe anything. So far no one has signed up for it–probably because half my countrymen are bat-shit crazy loons. And Christians! Can’t leave that part out!

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    • “Nuts” is putting it very kindly JZ. As long as the orange orangutan forces himself into the camera’s limelight, the public eye, and in front of his celebrity fanbase and vassals—as he did on his failed TV series—those “nuts” have their Cult of Personality snakehead to follow and worship.

      Not a Dem. Damn sure not a Republican! Been an Independent for about 25-years or more. And JZ, you know all too well that I am way too close to the boiling hotbed of certifiable nutcases: Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, etc, and that is merely the Shortlist of radical Republicans in control of this Lone Star State.

      I think I would take George W. back in a heartbeat given where the GOP has been headed for years and is now splitting apart. Lines in the sand are being drawn all over that party. Today George W. is appearing as a mentally stable saint compared to many Republican officials in office! And I say that despite G.W. putting us into an utterly useless, costly war in Iraq that only allowed Iran and warring militant Islamic sects to fill the void. In turn, that feeds the long-standing Republican agenda for more and more military spending and searching for conflicts to initiate. Oh, sorry. I mean occupy and “suppress”. 🤦‍♂️😔

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  1. The undercurrent to an article such as this is it’s doing just what it talks about … providing the rational perspective and thus providing a weapon for the QAnon group to point out and use for their purposes. As the writer noted: Efforts to undermine democracy and multiculturalism require delegitimising news media as a first step.

    It’s a vicious circle — and so long as there are those who prefer propaganda over facts, one can’t help but wonder where it will all end. There have been many speculative opinions on this very question — and unfortunately, many of them do not bode well for this nation.

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    • Very well said Nan. It is mind-boggling to me when I speak with and/or engage Texans here—most are Republican even though most of my days are in and around a different demographic that is CLEARLY not Red—about the sociopolitical events and issues we face. I’d say that over 7 out of 10 cannot distinguish propaganda versus facts, even high plausibility! 😯 Sometimes I must explain the meaning/context of “plausibility” and probabilities, etc. But then again, only about 27% to 31% of Texans have attained an educational level above a high school diploma. 😔

      Thank you Ma’am for your visit, reading Lisa’s article, and sharing your thoughts. ❤️

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