QAnon & Mass Digital Radicalization

I wanted to reblog this post by Lisa Schirch, a Senior Research Fellow for the Toda Peace Institute, Senior Fellow with the Alliance For Peacebuilding, and Visiting Scholar at George Mason University. I have been following Lisa’s blog for many months now and find it incredibly informative with reliable researched sources for positive change. I also wanted to compliment my following blog-post, SMSD Disorder, with Lisa’s here, for reasons you can surmise yourself. Enjoy her excellent work!

Several factors fed into the January 6 siege on the Capitol. First Republican leader’s undermined public trust in media and science. That set the stage for Republican voters to trust anonymous blog sources or QAnon, which spread like wildfire on social media platforms who not only allowed these lies, but had a profit motive to […]”

QAnon and Mass Digital Radicalisation: Peacebuilding and the American Insurgency — Lisa Schirch