Trias Politica! Not One Office or Leader!

Over the last two days or so my 82-year old Mom has been watching a steady dose of C-SPAN television. In the days leading up to these last two I have had to shut myself up in my bedroom when she ventures over to the FOXNews Channel. To me it is appalling the propaganda crap they peddle. She knows clearly how I feel about their blatant disinformation schemes. Therefore, maybe out of compassion, she feels bad about forcing her son into his room for hours as if being disciplined in time-out. 😄 Thus, I’m guessing the recent C-SPAN viewing.

This morning she was catching C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Open Phones, Part 2. The topic was Should Mike Pence be considered not only a hero, but also a 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate. Nearly every single caller Greta Brawner took from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—and it was some 15-16 total callers—never really called-in with their answers to those questions about Pence. They all simply wanted to vent their personal frustrations about the January 6 Committee Hearings and how atrocious life has currently become for average Americans since mid-February 2022. No surprise, the show descended into furious callers trashing either Dems or Repubs or Biden, Pence, and Trump. It is also worthy to note that all the callers sounded like they were 50–79 years of age, mostly on the elderly end of that age group.

The subject of what Mike Pence is today, what he was Jan. 4–6, 2021, and what he might be in the 2024 Elections was none of my concern or inkling of interest. What Kathleen Parker, columnist at The Washington Post opines about Pence is precisely what I personally think about his 3-days of doing his vowed Constitutional duty to protect our democratic elections compared to his dereliction of some 1,457-days of NOT doing that duty.

No, what utterly appalled and astonished me about every single caller, of all three various parties, and what they were bemoaning and ranting on and on about was how ALL of them kept singling out one man, one party, or one office one branch as the sole cause of this nation’s current Constitutional threats and socioeconomic problems, mostly inflation, skyrocketed gas prices, and a stolen 2020 election.

People, elderly callers—granted most of them from the Southern states with Kentucky, California, and Maryland being outside of the Deep South—and anyone else who passed high school History & Social Studies (with state and federal government included), I have one simple question for your very simple minds:

When did our nation’s governmental system change from a Trias Politica model with Equal Separation of Powers… and into a Dictatorship ruled by One Man or Office!? When!?

For all Americans and non-Americans abroad, please, please, PLEASE read this definition of what it means to have a Trias Politica model consisting of Equal Separation of Powers with Checks and Balances on all three branches as advocated by French Renaissance philosopher Baron de Montesquieu and later ironed out by James Madison’s Federalist Papers then our six (6) Core Founding Fathers. Taken from the Bill of Rights Institute in Arlington, VA, it states:

In our system of separated powers, each branch of government is not only given a finite amount of power and authority but arrives at it through entirely different modes of election. Madison theorized that as it is the Constitution that grants each branch its power, honorable ambition that ultimately serves the highest interests of the people could work to maintain the separation. In other words, since Congress is not dependent on the presidency or the courts for either its authority or its election to office, members will jealously guard its power from encroachments by the other two branches and vice versa. For Madison, this organization of powers answered the great challenge of framing a limited government of separated powers: “first enabl[ing] the government to control the governed…and in the next place, obling[ing] it to control itself”.

James Madison, Federalist No. 51, 1788
from the Bill of Rights Institute

Now, what does the above, precisely articulated definition by Madison and Montesquieu implicitly spell out as well? Simple really. It means that if there are three branches of government with equal limited authority and responsibilities as well as commissioned to safeguard against abuse of authority or dereliction of their responsibilities, then no one branch is completely responsible for said abuses or dereliction. Nor do those three branches have the total authority or Carte Blanche to change its direction (popular or not) or its outcomes. In other words, since 1788 the successes or failures of the U.S. government has been and is ultimately shared by all three branches. There’s more.

Given the functions of the active legislative and executive branches with regard to publicly needed policies and laws or their refinements, and their intentions and outcomes, the legislative and executive bear more instant responsibility for the failures or successes, while the judicial branch merely checks, monitors, oversees, etc, on the sideline, if you will, the Constitutionality of enacted laws, orders, and policies. But never, in our 230+ years of governing history has our federal or 51-state governments been lead by a dictator, or one man! Never. To imply such an accusation or explicitly state such a rant is an erroneous, categorically wrong statement and is not based upon anything in our standing Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the 27 Amendments. Period.

The POTUS can never be fully blamed for America’s ills, nor can he or she be hoisted as the sole hero of our country’s glories and victories. He/She must have bipartisan help and support from both chambers of Congress, approval (or silence) from the Supreme Court, and more importantly… the general help and support of a good majority of the American people. Without those four components, no one man or President can accomplish great things. Furthermore, no one man or President can be entirely blamed for dismal disastrous outcomes either. As the great Benjamin Franklin once exclaimed during the birthing of our nation and its eventual Constitution:

“We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

benjamin franklin, philadelphia continental congress – 1776

Sadly, however, it has become glaringly obvious that America’s general population over the last 4-5 decades has been seriously deficient and undermined in learning and applying their civic educations. Rarely do I ever hear an average ordinary American—particularly in my home state of Texas—speaking, writing rants on social-media, or calling in on C-SPAN to show off their cunning expert knowledge about our Constitution and Trias Politica model as engineered by our Core Founding Fathers. Nine times out of ten they’re blabbering about what they know little or nothing about. It quickly becomes obvious when they all single out one office or one man.

This detrimental, lethal deficiency of civic education over the last 4-5 decades culminated on January 6th, 2021 with the seditious attack and coup on the Capitol, members of Congress, and democracy itself took place. It is appalling to listen to and read. It is incredibly dangerous to the survival of our Constitutional democratic Republic. Not only is this ignorance by too many ordinary (moderate?) Americans a ticking time-bomb, but when a Cult of Personality (dictator) uses that unfettered, emblazoned ignorance and channels it into continuous disinformation, lies, mob-rule or mafia-rule by its cult leader, followed by insurrection(?)… then Judge Michael Luttig’s stern warning about Trump, his allies, and his fanatical ignorant supporters as ‘a very real, clear and present danger‘ only scratches the surface of what precisely has been and is at risk. It is…

The dismantling, destruction, and total loss of our country’s democracy, maybe forever if ordinary Americans don’t get better educated and wise up fast to cultish subversions by the “one man” and his fanatical allies and supporters. Texas is likely too far gone by now due to multiple decades of apathy and shitty K-12 educations here.

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7 thoughts on “Trias Politica! Not One Office or Leader!

  1. Welcome to a crisis time. Each nation faces these many times in its history. Some come from external threats, some are caused by economic issues and there are those when internal tensions threaten to fracture the fabric.

    Yes, you had The Civil War, but that was a regional set-too (also not uncommon). This one is seen in each and every state in varying degrees of virulence. A tipping point when the once dominant partner in the nation (ie…remember this one The WASP) has a substantial number of its folk in an hysteric panic over the future feeling they will be at the bottom of the ladder.

    It’s an ugly business when they junction is reached. Folk who are trying to pretend it is not their problem will have a nasty surprise when the said problem comes knocking at their door.

    It’s no use talking to the Loud Right at present (I tried recently and should have known better). It’s the non-voting apathetic who need to be shaken loose.

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    • DDWP,

      Thank you kindly for commenting and coming by my blog to visit. Please feel free to return as much as you like—would enjoy your continued feedback. 🙂

      …(ie…remember this one The WASP)…

      Do you mean the comic book character, the 2019 film, or (more likely) the book by Iain Banks “The Wasp Factory”? 😉 I’m assuming the latter after Googling it. Banks’ book does make sense in relation to my post here. But I will leave 100% confirmation up to you which of the three possibilities (or more?) you are referring to. You state:

      A tipping point when the once dominant partner in the nation (ie…remember this one The WASP) has a substantial number of its folk in an hysteric panic over the future feeling they will be at the bottom of the ladder.

      Assuming you are referencing the American political trend of fear-mongering or political leaders/“partners” inventing an imaginary covert monster coming after their political base amongst the voting populace—i.e. the Deep State—to take away their long held, long-established top rungs in the proverbial ladder, then yes, you hit the nail on the head DDWP. That Deep State covert monster to cause hysteria and panic, or merely reinforce white-voter’s fears of “Big Federal Government” taking away cherished State’s Rights (in the South) and directed to and amongst the specific (white-man) demographic… was indeed begun by Ronald Reagan’s Southern states campaign tour hallmarked by his visit and speech at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi.* Reagan’s speech was targeting rural counties in the South that traditionally voted Democrats into office the prior decades in hopes to reverse that trend, i.e. turn ’em (Southern whites) into staunch, die-hard Republicans.

      The (Nixon) strategy worked. Ever since Reagan’s success with that later Republican Presidential candidates have employed the same basic strategy of State’s Rights over Federal (Big) Government via fear-mongering the white man’s centuries long, top ladder-rung, socioeconomic status and power. Hence, the now modern trend that the Deep South and now Midwest Heartland states almost always vote—especially in rural counties—Republican, and hardcore Republican even if their candidate runs business mob-style mafia-style, not by the Constitution and letter of the Law.

      Then again, I might be interpreting your “WASP” reference completely wrong. 😄 In that case, I apologize.

      * – More info:

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      • Hi Professor. Glad to make your acquaintance.
        Ah me, how time moves on and betrays ones age. When I was young (1960s-1970s and some of the 1980s) WASP was in common currency; White Anglo Saxon Protestant, also associated with Nixon’s ‘The Silent Majority’. In those days normally just vocal and establishment orientated conservatives, and not prone to Conspiracy Theories and their hat slogans tended along the lines of ‘USA . My Country Right or Wrong’, and red white and blue, not selective red (which back then would have suggested they were pro-Russian communists).

        I have a view based more on the long haul of European history, and its clutch of follies. Rather than Deep State I see governments as existing in Crisis Management or selective short term views which turn into Crisis Management. If working effectively it’s a question of selecting the right opportunity and the right time. Which is different from Opportunists.

        Trump and that catalogue of folk of negligible character and no integrity are in that category. They saw the mob mentality and decided they could ride it. What they did not understand is that the mob mentality is a force, a gestalt all of its own, and now the mob rules them. Which is why you can get Taylor Greene being able to say in public that fires were caused by Jewish Lasers- something that even 15 years ago would have been line for a wacko character on a sitcom (Dale Gribble- King of The Hill).

        This narrow and short-term view does not take into account the backlash factor, which in a nation the size and variety of the USA is an error, but a classic one.

        For a while now I have been trying to raise a warning that the USA could be heading for a dysfunctional era similar to that experienced in Northern Ireland in the last quarter of the 20th century. Something that none of the players on The Right are ready for. They are kids playing with matches in a forest in high summer.

        No one ever plans for what comes to pass.
        Take care folks.

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