Music To Soothe & Lift Our Spirits

In these present, troubling, and daunting times on Earth, on our various continents, and my own continent of North America and the United States, I often find solace in music; from 18th- and 19th-century classical music to my more modern childhood and teenage years of great music. For the last four days or more I have been compiling many of my own favorites from the 1970’s and many that are mainstream, but not necessarily what I personally would choose as my own. Eh, we must think outside of ourselves at times, right? 😉

Without further ado I present my 175+ classic great songs (more less) from the golden age of 1969-ish to 1979. Hope you enjoy these hours of tunes as much as myself, and my Mom—yes, my Mom introduced me to many of these artists when I was a boy—here or on my YouTube playlist: Great Pop & Rock Hits of the 1970’s

Addendum — Due to YouTube’s/Google’s unknown international playing, viewing, copyright laws, etc., across national-regional borders, some or many songs in my playlist are not visible or playable. To rectify this unintended (on my part) inconvenience, Click here for a complete playlist of all songs & artists. Then should you choose, you may find the track in your country’s YouTube site. Happy listening and dancing!

Live Well – Love Much – Laugh Often – Learn Always

17 thoughts on “Music To Soothe & Lift Our Spirits

  1. My father loved CCR, and his favorite was the one about putting the candle in the window. (I cannot remember the exact title 😉) We played it for him on his way to rest in paradise. Thanks for reminding me how much he loved music and dancing 🙂

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  2. I checked out the list. It checks out 😉

    Lot of good stuff there. Back when they still made music…

    Stuff I hear today, and I know it’s the same for every generation, just ain’t got the magic it once had.

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    • Many thnx Shell.

      Yeah, it’s a generational-thing… sorta, but I was raised and taught—by my parents, school, and under-grad—“music appreciation” of all the genres, cultural contexts, and their time-periods, not just my own that I was/am living or my own native arts, etc, but as many as possible. In fact, and you may not know this Shell, but for about a good 15-years I followed heavily Micky Hart (Grateful Dead) in his personal journey—Drumming At the Edge of Magic and Planet Drum, his two fine books on the same—through the origins, myths, history, and spiritual heritage of percussion/drumming all around the world. Those years gave me an incredible affection and appetite for all types of musical styles (and the skins that accompanied them) way WAY outside of my (overly?) familiar music. It taught me just how crucial music and rhythm have been for our species’ survival for 100,000 years or more… and of course to DANCE to it as well. 🕺🏻💃🏻 😉

      Hope our descendants appreciate the huge value of ALL music’s cultures, context, origins, and the biological-genetic benefits of it. 🙂


  3. Although our age differences aren’t all that great, I was unfamiliar with more than half of the tracks on your list, and of those that I had heard before few would be in my “top 100” list. Unfortunately, as Youtube has decided to hide 19 tracks from me (even refusing to list them, let alone making them unavailable to play), I’m not able to say definitively that our tastes in music are incompatible 🙂

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    • I think I will rectify that void of 19 hidden tracks. Since I am not an international law expert/attorney nor a copyrights lawyer—my first two guesses as to the cause of the issue—I will presume that’s Google’s justification(?). 🤷‍♂️

      What I will do Barry, and Determineddespitewp (below), is make an exhaustive list of my 170 tunes. That way you, DDWP, and any others can view what is missing and perhaps find it in your country should you choose. I’ll put this complete Playlist in an addendum at the bottom of this post. 👍🏻🙂


  4. I was mostly in the previous decade, by this point my focus was on family so music didn’t figure as much.
    That said this is fine collection of the music which does register in my head (Those that YouTube allowed to be played in the UK, that is).
    Glad to see ELO on the list. My wife’s most favourite band. (Yeh Jeff Lynne !)

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  5. Although my generation was earlier — and my personal tastes are more towards ballads rather than “rock” music — there’s no denying that many of these were VERY hot tunes at one time … and still hold a spell over many even today (as you have demonstrated).

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