Fantastic News!

Finally, finally, FINALLY we get this nation’s most horrific, crooked, immoral President indicted, hopefully too, convicted! I am so thrilled… to a cautious degree, of course. For the last 20-something years I have seriously doubted, laughed at, and threw my hands up thousands of times at this legal Constitutional concept that our Founding Fathers applied and employed in our Charters of Freedom and that far too many normal Americans have become oblivious to and worse… dangerously indifferent about:

No man [or woman] is ever above the law; not even the standing President or a former President. Every single U.S. citizen is supposed to be treated EQUALLY and equitably by the Laws of the Land. Always. Period.

Nevertheless, this is how one of my favorite news journalists, Heather Cox Richardson, reported the wonderful, unprecedented event on her exceptional blog, Letters from An American:

The New York grand jury investigating Trump’s 2016 hush-money payments to adult film actor Stormy Daniels has voted to indict the former president. While we don’t know the full range of charges, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg’s office confirmed that they were forthcoming tonight when it released a statement saying, “This evening we contacted Mr. Trump’s attorney to coordinate his surrender to the Manhattan D.A.’s office for arraignment on a Supreme Court indictment, which remains under seal.”

This is the first time in history a former United States president has been indicted, although it is worth remembering that it is not new for our justice system to hold elected officials accountable.


Now, let all of us normal, intelligent, and reasonably patriotic Americans hope true justice is assured and the right decision(s) are carried out fully. 👏🏻 Otherwise, the alternative (the precedent) is very disturbing and puts this nation’s very survival at high risk of which it may never recover. 🥺

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26 thoughts on “Fantastic News!

  1. History shows us that in the USA, as well as certain other nations, certain people and entities are above the law, at least for a particular periods of time, and in light of what they are allowed to get away with. If money does not outright buy them freedom from justice, it allows them to delay justice until the other side runs out of money, or interest.
    Will it be possible to convict Trump of anything in a “trial by jury” proceeding. Probably not, because at least 3 in every ten citizens in the US believe Trump is untouchable, no matter the facts or evidence. Is it possible to convene a jury that has no Republicans on it? I highly doubt it.
    Someone will always vote, “Not guilty!” and that is all it will take to acquit.

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    • I know, I know. I just wanted to extol a TINY bit over something I previously considered (near?) impossible. 😕 It’s good these days—especially as hard as it has become for average, middle-class & impoverished-class Americans struggling so bad with insane inflation going on a 2nd year—to be thrilled, happy, and have SOME trust restored in our judicial systems and Constitution. It made my day for sure! 😍

      If money does not outright buy them freedom from justice, it allows them to delay justice until the other side runs out of money, or interest.

      Sheesh! Don’t we know it? That was well-proven by O.J. Simpson’s murder trial, was it not? 🤦‍♂️ And apparently after 29-yrs the “actual” killer(s) of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman has gone dead, completely dried up. Not even a new suspect has been discovered!!! HAH! Imagine that. 🙄

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  2. Yeah….but …but…. he’s only being prosecuted because of a grand plan by George Soros and Hunter Biden’s sentient lap top who both hate his sexy greatness sooooo much they’ll stoop to Jo low level to ruin him. He’s innocent, I tellz ya! And the sweetest, kindest, most wonderfulest man who’s ever fuckin lived!! $amen$

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  3. It ain’t justice until that orange fucker is in an orange jumpsuit.

    Am I the only one to see/hear about the R’s theatrical antics? All blow and faux outrage, it’s a disgusting spectacle. But it was a disgusting spectacle already…so SSDD.

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    • Yep, couldn’t agree more Shell. I heard one visiting reporter on CNN tell the anchor that “it was unprecedented that a mafia-styled crook would even be elected as the GOP candidate in 2016! It was unprecedented that he was impeached TWICE during office! It was unprecedented that he has been indicted and convicted in many courts on many various tax-fraud counts, but still became POTUS! It was unprecedented that he premeditated months before AND incited the Jan. 6th Insurrection on the Capitol and democracy!” He concluded, that just about EVERYTHING that has to do with the Orange OrangutanIS UNPRECEDENTED! So we should not be too surprised by his and all his blind cronies and their all out attacks on EVERYTHING sacred in and to this nation!

      I thought the gentleman was spot-on. 🎯

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