CAUTION! — Nan’s Notebook

I had to share this post from my friend Nan’s blog. In my opinion every single American as well as our federal and state legislatures need to read this and watch acutely the graphic CGI, then imagine this happening to their own 6-year old or 9-year old child or grandchild being ripped apart by .223 bullets in a matter of seconds. It is way, WAY past time Congress (Republicans) to totally BAN all military combat weapons from the general public’s purchase. Period! Like over 57-years past due! 🤬

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Click on the following link below at your own risk.

It is a visual examination of the damage done by an AR-15.  The link was provided by Steve Schmidt via his daily newsletter. (Ordinarily I shorten the link, but the direct link requires payment/sign-in so I’m using the one Steve provided.)

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CAUTION! — Nan’s Notebook

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