Headline: “All Earthly Ants Abducted by Aliens!”

Weaver ants work closely together linking to each other over distances too great for their body length

If aliens ever do land on Earth, don’t get all huffy if their greeting turns out to be:      “Take me to your ant.

National Geographic Magazine, May 2011 issue
Perhaps the sub-heading would read like this:

“After years of examination, species comparison, selflessness analysis, and teamwork analysis, the extraterrestrials decide they want to take with them Earth’s ant populations.”

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5 thoughts on “Headline: “All Earthly Ants Abducted by Aliens!”

    • While humanity as an entire species is indeed much less violent today than in our past, living comparatively better than say the 20th, 19th, 17th centuries or the last millennium, a more peaceful, higher intelligent species from another planet many light-years away (who’ve been studying all of Earth’s living creatures) would at least find that Homo sapiens are still QUIET vulnerable of reversing this trend and slipping back into very violent, disease-ridden plagues, and shorter lifespans—e.g. the Medieval Age. Aliens of a superior intelligence than us would soon determine that 8-13 other living creatures on Earth like ants—having adapted and survived over millions of years on Earth—utilize higher functioning social systems such as Eusociality and Superorganism behavior, two systems that humans or Homo sapiens are sadly inadequate in performing consistently for the last 200,000 years. 🙂


      • Ants aye? 🐜 Memories flooding back of Harlestone Firs as a child walking or riding a horse through the forest, before Northampton expanded and became like a city FULL of people. The size of them wood ants and their nests! The place probably full of people looking like ants now.

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