The Love Within and Beyond

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Love me without fear.

Trust me without questioning.

Need me without demanding.

Want me without restricting.

Accept me without change.

Desire me without inhibition.

For a love so free…

Is a love without end.

— Dick Sutphen, except the last line

(paragraph separation)

I have a deep fondness for bird cages.  They represent a personal concept I have had to embrace the hard way.  But as I finally managed the courage, I found an intensity in life, in my relationships — intimate and platonic — that reconciled so much fear!  When I realized the benefit of accepting deep soulful love as a temporal external gift, the product of this surrender is a daily/weekly state of motivated giving and not “taking and/or expecting”…which too often leads to complacency and/or disappointment.  “Ahhhh,” I thought to myself, “so that is how lifelong love lasts!”  If you know it may not be there for you tomorrow or even next week, that acuteness empowers you to love much more for much longer.

This bird cage holds only what beauty decides to fill it.  An open bird-cage door is a reminder to fear not its vacancy or what is beyond our own realm of comfort… but to seek, to find, to experience all this life and world can offer!  Do not live or keep your beauty caged up nor someone else’s.  Come and go as your journey leads you, and allow the same for those you love.


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