“The One” Myth

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Your patience is appreciated. Thank you!

4 thoughts on ““The One” Myth

  1. Hi Professor T!

    Just checking in to say Hi – hope this school year is (still) going well, and that you are still dancing up a storm in your spare time…

    As always, your posts are thought-provoking and very much in this new stream of shared consciousness, where we find ourselves really, really, rethinking our entire “given” world…

    And, knowing you are a history buff and with your eclectic science/art/music/philosophy/culture interests, I thought I would share this site with you – Dr. Joseph P. Farrell at The Giza Death Star…He is writing in “alternative history” and can be heard in many and various interviews on YouTube with Coast To Coast, etc. He has a D.Phil Oxford, semi/ex-Christian (Eastern Orthodox) theology background – very easy to listen to. I just had an idea you might find it all very interesting.


    Happy 2012!


    • Hi Carol!

      Thank you for stopping by! Indeed, my year so far has been very busy; Spec Ed is very demanding so my free-time is very limited, including my dancing. 😦 But guess what my summer will be? Full of much musical kinesthetics! Woot!

      The link and info sound right up my alley. Thank you! I will check it out when I have some time.

      Hope all is well with you and your blogging. All the best and thanks again!


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