The Road Less Traveled

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4 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Excellent post~ I read it out loud to my husband, which brought up the discussion of BDSM again. I have strong inclinations towards this, but we have decided it would be too much to experiment together. We both need more experienced guidance to enter this world. Thanks for the morning erotica!! Xoxox A/s


    • Thank you AS. It is never a bad thing to discuss with your spouse/SO the subject of BDSM. Always keep that channel open. As many important things in life, it is a progression. If you both find it too much, that is perfectly fine. Though I am in awe & greatly admire our Special Ops teams (Navy SEALS, Delta-Force, etc.) whose training is unbelievably hard, I know I could never reach the level of endurance, determination, or pain they put themselves through. Not that BDSM is the best comparison, but the attitude, courage & physiological make-up to enjoy it has similarities. It’s not for everyone.

      If you and your spouse/SO want to explore it further, I recommend — just like my Mentors did — the introductory “gospel” of BDSM that most in the lifestyle reference: Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, by Philip Miller & Molly Devon. This will allow you both to understand terms, safety, contracts, etc, in the privacy of your home.


  2. “It is a gift – at least to the viewers – to be allowed to share (as a spectator in this case) the “flight” and chemistry between two people engrossed with each other and in the moment. ” Daddy and I have witnessed this and had other’s experience our energy. I am so glad you enjoyed and appreciated this on your caper. You told this so well. very logically erotic.

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    • I feel it is merely an invitation into the human primal… basic instincts that have been repressed far too long by ‘vanilla civilization’ and sadly exploited by the irresponsible… if that makes sense. Doms/Dommes and Tops need to learn and promote healthy non-judgemental SSC BDSM.

      Thank you very much SLD for your comment. 🙂


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