Inward with Outward

It is said in Quantum Connectivity or Quantum Entanglement that physical phenomenon occur when pairs (or groups such as the human body) of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each member must subsequently be described relative to the other.  These last weeks I have understood and experienced exactly how this works.  The peace it brings is exciting and immeasurable.

The best way perhaps to understand Quantum Entanglement is to explain light (or photons) and how light operates.  The utter bedazzlement happens when things or particles are observed.  In other words, the state of a photon is one way when observed, and another when unobserved; mere observation changes the state of particles – and get this – no matter their distance apart.  Albert Einstein was so intrigued by this he called it “spooky action at a distance.”  In the labs of Quantum physicists, this is what takes place:

“When observed, Photon A takes on an up-spin state.  Entangled Photon B, though now far away, takes up a state relative to that of Photon A (in this case a down-spin state).  The transfer of state between Photon A and Photon B takes place at a speed of at least 10,000 times the speed of light, possibly even instantaneously, regardless of distance.”

This interaction doesn’t just happen between photons.  It happens between bodies or groups of electromagnetic particles, including living intelligent systems.  Think about it.  As a crude example but nonetheless true, humans behave differently when they are being observed versus when they are not.  The changed behavior still takes place when no verbal interaction exists.  The interaction, or entanglement, is still happening because they are connected by observation made possible by invisible subatomic particles.  This state of interaction is no different than the state between photons.  The common denominators are the electromagnetic particles that make up the entities.  What I find interesting is that when the interacting photons entangle, they take on a state of polarization, or opposite states.  What is mind-blowing is that the distance between the bodies is irrelevant.

Red-shouldered hawk - Spirit Totem

My red-shouldered hawk

My attempts to join quantum mechanics with classical mechanics, such as psychology, philosophy, or biology, I’m sure would make the experts of both fields chuckle.  Nevertheless, what I understand in these current quantum theories is the unlimited potential of information being passed, realized or unrealized, and irrelevant to perception or time.  It is a question of observation; the state of being highly aware.  And if I am acutely aware of the infinite systems surrounding me, intelligent purposeful systems, then the more I understand my place.  And as such, I am more realized and less unrealized.

Many weeks ago, before my move back to the Dallas area, I had a red-shouldered hawk perch itself on a branch just yards from me.  I know it knew I was near because it looked straight at me, almost starring, several times.  For at least two-minutes it moved its head scanning, then always back to me.  If you know about red-shouldered hawks, they are solitary birds and in the wild keep their safe distance from humans.  For some reason this hawk was not bothered by my proximity.  I found its behavior a little extraordinary but concluded the encounter as randomly weird and moved on.  A few days later the same thing happened and I couldn’t discount its second visit as random chance; not within the mechanics of quantum entanglement.  Yes, I know; a big leap perhaps.  But stay with me a minute.

I have a deep fondness and admiration for indigenous people and their connection to nature and Earth.  Though they might appear as “uncivilized” by Western standards, they have an understanding of their environment that goes much deeper than our vocabulary and descriptions.  Native American culture is inextricably connected with natural systems, Earth-systems, and their culture places high regard and meaning for hawk visits.  For example, a hawk brings or confirms heightened vision, power, energy, and a rebirth.  It also brings or confirms heightened strategy, intensity, attention, protection, teamwork, intelligence, focus, and intuition.  I have noticed an increase in all of these traits over the last two months, many of them confirmed by coworkers and friends without my solicitations.

One website explaining hawk visits and totems says the following, which I found further confirms what has happened in my life these last few months.  Bear with me please:

“Hawk totems are extraordinarily effective at protection. They are kind of like raptor-angels. They keep watch over those who hold an affinity for them (and vice versa). They tend to arrange energy in such a way so that danger or bad choices are either made known to their people, or are avoided altogether.

If the hawk is your totem, you are extremely perceptive. You see things others miss. Your vision goes beyond the physical too – you have a knack for seeing into the souls of people you deal with. You might call it a gift of intuition. You just have a sense, or an ‘aerial view’ into what is going on in the hearts of people. This is a great trait, but the downside to hawk people with this gift is that you tend to be way too forthcoming with your observations. Being naturally direct and candid personality types, hawk-people will make pointed statements about very sensitive issues that they’ve picked up by their powers of perception. Word of advice: Be delicate and diplomatic with your deductions.

Perhaps it is their unyielding honesty that makes hawk-people admirable partners. People who have hawk as their totem make outstanding mates, friends, co-workers, lovers, sister, brothers etc. They are loyal, honest and direct. Typically, you always know where you stand with a hawk-person, and others find this refreshing in a world of mind-gamers. Hawk-partners are also very protective, and will defend their compatriots to a fierce degree.

Those with the hawk as their totem are also visionaries. They look above the problem (another ‘aerial view’), for solutions. They are expert problem solvers because they aren’t part of the problem – they aren’t stuck in the issue. Rather, they rise above it, and in an elevated state they are able to see answers most might overlook.”

Now many would argue that it is simply a hawk’s instinct to fly and perch in certain ways.  Many would argue there are logical environmental or predatory reasons the hawk perched in that particular spot.  I would not disagree one bit.  There is a waterfall and pond just under the two different branches it sat on.  The habitat of Red-shouldered hawks is indeed forests and streams where their food can be found.  Our pond has several goldfish and one or two leopard frogs.  What naysayers can’t explain away is their known behavior around humans:  solitude.  In the wild they do not seek out the company of humans!  Yet my red-shouldered hawk did just that, for long moments, and did so on two separate occasions within days.  I don’t believe I can ignore that.  And with an adequate understanding of the interaction between quantum atomic systems and macro-systems (themselves made up of quantum systems) demands at least examining the encounters, not ignoring them.

This I know:  my powers of intuition and observation are definitely heightened and I am doing no illegal drugs.  This has been evidenced in several life-decisions and reactions, or interactions with people over these last couple of months.  What is amazing for me is to see and understand how it all operates and coexists.  What is more astonishing is watching it all work without words.  The exchange of information takes place not only on obvious levels such as verbal communication, but just as much on subatomic levels.  One only needs to become more observant, more aware of the exchange method, if you will.  In fact, I would wager that much much more information is available and exchanged than the obvious five senses.  Quantum Entanglement is increasingly showing this phenomenon to exist.  We crudely call it intuition.

I wonder if we are to eventually know that the inward and the outward are never really separated, ever, by any distance?

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10 thoughts on “Inward with Outward

  1. Professor,
    Has the red tailed hawk been in your vicinity for some time, only coming so close in the last months? From “Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven D. Farmer, if hawk shows up: “you’re caught up in too many details, so step back so you can get a greater perspective on the situation. Stay alert and focused on the task before you, eliminating as many distractions as possible.” Then, if hawk is your power animal: “you’re very good at interpreting signs and omens from the natural world, whether these come as a blessing or a warning.” Farmer’s website is
    The quantum physics you talk about seems to relate to non-locality, where the best example is the power of prayer from a distance. Some scientists have proven through tests that such phenomena is possible, where events occur through thoughts and intentions. Very interesting stuff.


    • Jerry,

      Thank you very much for the link and comment. I will look it over today for sure.

      Regarding the similarity of quantum physics and non-locality, you’re on the right track Jerry. It is indeed possible when thousands upon thousands (millions?) all meditate, pray, chant, et al…for the same wish/event, then that wish/event materializes or manifests very soon after. A negative example — but example nonetheless — of this occurring was in late August thru early September 2001 (i.e. just prior to 9/11), the neural (Quantum Connectivity) Global Consciousness data collected by Princeton University on Global Consciousness Project showed a significant spike all over the world just days before the first jet-liner crashed into the World Trade Center towers, then minutes and hours later PRIOR to worldwide news coverage. It is one of the most remarkable proofs of global neural-consciousness acting in unison.

      Here is the National Geographic article on the phenomenon:


  2. This is an intriguing post. I have read and re-read it a couple of times now. I am a firm believer of energy. We consist of energy, and it is in a constant flow through our bodies, interacting and exchanging with other energy sources. That’s the way I see it. Unfortunately, I have never studied chemistry or biology, not even on a high-school level, so this post was very enlightening for me.

    A couple of thoughts that went through my head as I read is the idea of energy attaching itself to another. Is it possible that that interaction can occur even without proximity? I wonder if it is possible to feel this interaction by just connecting mentally? I mean: can you get so closely linked with someone else that you feel that they are there with you? Under your skin, so to speak? I have felt this happen to me so many times, but maybe I’m just imagining it.

    Side note: so far, from what I’ve seen of you, the totem description is spot on. That makes you electric. And just slightly dangerous, in a good way.


    • Sophy,

      Yes, sorry for the average writing in this post. Some days my writing flows, then other days I struggle to complete sentences. 😉

      I love Quantum Physics/Mechanics, the metaphysical/paranormal, and how every human being is a part of it all! Without proximity? And I assume you mean close proximity? The way I understand Quantum Connectivity-Entanglement, the energy created or interaction between two or more electromagnetic entities is always & perpetually generated (no matter their distance apart) existing; the closer they are, the more active and intense the interaction becomes. Since we are all active electromagnetic organisms (grouped in intelligent ways), we indeed generate neurological ‘waves’ (i.e. waves on the EM wave spectrum) which emanate energy; some reactions are stronger than others. These waves most definitely are real even though we cannot see them. But we do feel them; we do sense them. Quantum Physics is beginning to interpret these interactions for us! 🙂

      So you think my hawk-totem is spot on, huh? I have to agree.


      • Your writing is rarely average. It was more a struggle with the complexity of Quantum Physics that got to me this time.

        The paranormal I think I have a fairly good knowledge of, the rest of the world of physics is largely unexplored, but I really must compliment you on making me want to know more about it. I meant close proximity, I’m sorry if I was unclear, but you answered my question, so I’m happy. But do they know why some of them are stronger than the others? I know that different people are more or less sensitive to EM waves, but I also feel that different people generate (? emit? ) stronger or weaker EM waves. Could this depend on external factors, or is it coming from within (whatever that means…)? I’m sorry if I’m asking a ton of questions; I’m very sensitive to people’s energy, which is why I’m so inquisitive. I have a tendency to “know things” about people without asking them and so forth. I probably sound mad, but hey, you already know I am anyways.

        Sorry for the rambling, I’m high on licorice fudge.


  3. Great post! Very insightful and I admire your introspection. Sounds like the hawk was definitely trying to convey something to you. Have you read, “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,” by Deepak Chopra? Very powerful book and right along the lines of this post. The first time I read it, deep and powerful changes took place in my life. I’ve been meaning to pick it up again…. And this post may be the inspiration I needed to start reading again. If you feel called, I definitely recommend it.

    Oh my gosh, I’ve spent hours in the blogosphere today…. Time to sign off. Good night!


    • Apologies Lindsey for replying so late! Yes, my red-shouldered hawk most assuredly had ‘messages’ to deliver; they’ve been confirmed over these last 4-6 weeks! No I haven’t read Chopra’s book. It sounds like a version of Quantum Entanglement and I would enjoy it. What more can you tell me about it?

      So happy this might inspire you again! I know we all, like myself, can use some deep inspiration following the rough valleys we must pass through. Thank you Lindsey for stopping by and commenting!


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