A Woman’s Point of View – #1

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18 thoughts on “A Woman’s Point of View – #1

  1. You so know I am going to argue …

    Firstly, I find the pic utterly repulsive. What if I have a panic attack and can’t breathe?

    Secondly, I don’t understand why a woman shouldnt ask for sex. Dark ages? Woman asks for sex, rarely. Why is it up to him?

    He asks for sex. Naturally. He gets.

    Big imbalance of power there.

    Not good. At all.


    • You so know I am going to argue…

      Yes Roughseas, I know. Expect nothing less when you have an alternative viewpoint. I welcome that from you. 🙂

      Firstly, I find the pic utterly repulsive. What if I have a panic attack and can’t breathe?

      A panic-attack would have already been thoroughly discussed in an extensive pre-questionnaire BEFORE the rope-bondage “scene” would have started. If that was this lady’s case, a ball-gag probably would not be used. However, over a substantial period of time if she found enough comfort, safety, and trust in her Dom/Top in this situation — perhaps his rescue of her should she start a panic-attack — the gag is not difficult to quickly remove. Easy. Also, the rope-work done here is very intricate & takes quite a bit of time to complete. It is very reasonable to assume this “scene” with her is completely consensual and legal; she may have even requested it from her Dom/Top.

      The rest of your comment I understand. Coming from a completely different culture, perspective, and a very honorable fight/activist for equality of women and a firm feminist… of which I DO fully support out in the real-world… a lot of the BDSM nuances, however, are probably gratting as well as perplexing to your sensitivities, especially when the WOMAN wants it those ways, lucidly consents to it, and willing submits to his/her Dominating/Topping. This is why I want to compile several women’s POV’s here in hope that it better conveys the deep desires they seek from their men. It’s different coming from them, in their words, from their experiences… than just mine.

      Thank you Ma’am for your comment. 🙂 ❤


      • Can I comment further on the photo?

        And, regarding the commentary, ‘marrying a guy if I had not ever seen or tested his cock first’. Well, duh. Neither would I. That seems like there are holy virgins or there are BDSM submissives.

        It may come as a huge shock but there are women, who do have sex with men without the slightest intention of marrying them, and who want to sexually please them, without indulging in BDSM.


  2. Professor, we have not yet heard POVs from those who practice as you. Are they aware of this blogs requesting their feedback? Also,

    in your comments to Roughseas, you state: In those infrequent occassions when they truly & maturely want to dialogue with me about the lifestyle, 9.5 times out of 10 they NEVER actually talked to veterans about the intricate details, the definition & practice of S.S.C., much less ever go to (as a spectator) a legal dungeon for an introduction and fair education. — is the visiting/observation really an option for those curious researchers?

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  3. Well, hello, my friend… It’s been a while. 😉 Talk sex, and we both seem to climb out of the woodwork, no?

    So, thoughts…. I find this a decent jumping off point for discussion. Nothing too intense or detailed, just an overview and an idea of what works for some. As I see, it’s also opened conversation and struck a chord or maybe discord? 😉 But that’s beautiful because it’s still discussion and open dialogue…

    I’ll be sharing some thoughts for a post shortly. Thanks for reaching out!

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